Vichy – Teint Idéal Range

This week I got to play with lots of Vichy products, thanks to Amanda in Hickey’s Pharmacy on Henry Street. In the run up to their Teint Idéal launch, I tested the cream foundation, fluid foundation, concealer, highlighter and powder. I am usually a MAC foundation girl, going from Sculpt to Pro Longwear to Studio Fix. It’s a vicious cycle! But as always, I was happy to play the guinea pig..

Vichy haul

The Teint Idéal range is all about illuminating the skin, projecting a flawless finish that provides coverage and lasts up to 12 hours. Yipee! As Vichy already know the skincare game inside out, they’ve formulated makeup that becomes one with your skin whilst being packed with vitamins.

The liquid foundations come in 5 shades:

15. Ivory

25. Sand

35. Rosie Sand

45. Honey

55. Bronze

Vichy Teint Ideal

1. Illuminating Cream Foundation

I loved this foundation, it’s a cream based product and it’s a similar consistency to the Mac Studio Sculpt. It gives excellent coverage while being lightweight so it never feels too heavy. It photographs really well, yet still manages to look natural.

This cream foundation is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, it glides on (I used my MAC 190 brush), and sets to a velvet like finish. It has an SPF of 20 too, so you’ll be protected throughout the day from the weather elements. No haggard leather bag faces for us! My skin looked great even before I had put on my concealer and set with powder.

I opted for number 45 Honey in the cream foundation as I thought the consistency would be a good nighttime foundation, the colour also matches well with the Rimmel BB 9 in 1 tan. I did test the 35 Rosie Sand on my hand, and this is very similar to the NW shade tones from MAC.

It’s €22.50, which is very reasonable for an excellent foundation and it comes in a 30ml tube.

Cream Foundation

2. Iluminating Fluid Foundation

I was interested in the fluid foundation in the range as I am always on the lookout for a powerful, longlasting foundation for the day that can endure a busy life. I chose 25 Sand in this foundation as I didn’t fancy looking like I had dipped myself in Ronseal during work hours.

The fluid foundation is best suited for normal to combination skin, it will project your skin, but a better version of it. It will illuminate and even out your skin tone. The fluid version combats oil, I found it withheld any type of shine longer than other foundations. I kept checking my bulbous nose throughout the day in work to see if any oil was escaping.

This is a lovely day foundation as I felt my skin could breathe but gave me the confidence that I had coverage and that it would last all day.

The fluid foundation is €22.50 and comes in a 30ml pump bottle.

Vichy Fluid foundation

3. Compact Powder Foundation 

So, I used this as a powder instead of as a foundation and it’s a bleeding deadly powder! If you have very good skin, bitch(!) if you do, then you can definitely use just this compact to even out your skin tone and to give you a light finish.

I selected this powder in 2 Medium, it works well over the number 25 fluid foundation and over the cream foundation too. The powder sets exceptionally well over both, giving a matte finish that’s longlasting. It will control oil and it’s so light in texture that it won’t leave you caked. I used my powder brush to apply this instead of the sponge that comes with it.

If you are using it with the sponge as a foundation, blend outwards, building where you need it more on certain areas.

It comes with a mirror, is available in 3 shades and it’s €25.00.

Powder Foundation

4. Concealer Roll-on

I haven’t used a roll-on product in years, serious throw back feeling using this, you can either place this directly onto your skin or roll onto your hand and then apply. I used the latter method, this is a good concealer, it brightens the eyes and covers dark circles. It works nicely down the middle of your nose and above your cupid’s bow for some easy, quick contouring. I used this in number 1 and it combined brilliantly with both the fluid and cream foundation. You can use it alone or over your foundation.

I am all for anything that is a 2-in-1 saving some €’s. This product is €15.99


5. Illuminator Roll-on

This is a very good product for highlighting your cheekbones, under the brow, along the nose and above your cupid’s bow. It is very similar to MAC Strobe Cream, except a bit lighter in consistency. It’s a roller ball format again, I rolled it onto my hand and then applied it. I used to be a little adverse to highlighter as I am all about the matte, but I am really becoming very slutty with them now! This one would be a nice one if you haven’t used one before or like a gentle hint. You can build this up to whatever amount you desire.

The Illuminator is €15.99.

Highligter Pure Light Face Roll-on

I have really enjoyed testing this range and I am in love with the cream foundation, it ticks all the boxes for me. It would also look very well on brides for a flawless finish. The pricing is very good too for the quality of products and it’s all about being good to our skin and this product definitely nourishes and protects. I am a little strung out on my Vichy products at the minute and my skin is reaping the benefits. Vichy have gained a new fan!

As a treat to all my readers, Hickey’s Pharmacy on Henry Street are offering 10% off to anyone that mentions ”The Girl Pout Town” to them. You can ask specifically for Amanda or Sorcha. You are in expert hands! I know you might think it’s a bit of a trek, but it will be well worth it for a consultation and the dicky discount! 

Here’s some photos of the cream foundation: 


Cream 2

The fluid foundation – an easy daytime look: 


Do you think you will give it a go? Any further probing questions – just shout 🙂

The Girl Pout Town x