Urbana – Hair Removal Clinic


I was invited to Urbana on Wicklow Street by Paula last week to experience their Lycon hot waxing treatment. Urbana are experts in hair removal through waxing and laser so I was excited to visit them. I usually wax every time I get my Shellac done as a rule of thumb, but on the run up to this I felt like I’d let the garden overgrow and as I waited in the plush reception area I started to feel almost sorry for the person about to wax me!

Jenny was my wax technician for my George W and upon meeting her I was instantly relaxed by her chatty personality. I let Jenny know that while I didn’t find waxing painful, I was a bit of a flincher and she was likely to get my knee in her chest once or twice throughout the treatment. She laughed it off and said ”No worries”..


I have never had a Lycon wax before, so for those of you who don’t know the procedure it’s a hot waxing system that does not utilise strips, which gives you better precision for removing the hair. Firstly, a pre-wax oil was applied to give an extra protective layer. Jenny used a a combination of the Lycon Purple and Pink hot peelable wax. The purple wax was used to removed my lighter, downy hairs and the pink wax was used for the coarser hairs. Everything smells really good too, there’s hints of lavender and rose.

Now, while I am a guinea pig and I am happy to put myself forward for treatments, this was one instance where I was praying I didn’t have inflated lips πŸ˜‰ I had no need to fear Jenny was so quick and exact with my wax that I was left pain free, I didn’t flinch and I was left as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was delighted with the speed and that George had left the building..

After such a successful wax, I will be entrusting my bikini and armpit area into the trusted hands of Paula for laser hair removal. I did my initial laser test and from that it didn’t seem too bad but again that could be down to how at ease Paula made me feel. I will keep you all posted on my progress – maybe no after photos though in these blogs!

Here’s my before photo πŸ˜›


If you’re thinking about getting waxed soon you need to visit these guys. You can check out Urbana on their website or on Facebook, your vajayjay and other body parts will thank you!

The Girl Pout Town x


Tropical Popical… And why you need to visit!

Tropical Popical is one seriously cool nail bar. It’s like a nightclub and holiday for your hands all rolled into one.


Upon entering into Tropical Popical, you are greeted by their funky decor and unbelievable selections of nail colours on their wall. I was greeted by the lovely Michelle who offered me some Lilt, yes Lilt, served in a Coconut and also some Bounty to go with it. Now, I despise Bounty bars, so I declined, but I loved the idea of it all the same. It’s like I was transported to Miami clashed with Caribbean coolness.


My nail technician was Niamh and as I showed her some pictures of what I had in mind for my talons, we decided on some tribal markings and pastel. Niamh is an exceptionally talented nail technician with a vision for precision. She is very friendly and personable and I quickly felt at ease.

I usually only go for some colour and maybe something different on my ring fingers to mix it up. But I said I’d go all out on my nail art seen as Tropical Popical are reknowned for this. The salon prides itself on it’s relaxed feeling and you really get into the atmosphere with the music playing. I wanted to go out after. It was a Tuesday. At 2.30pm.


The nail bar also caters for large groups and hen parties and it would make for an excellent hens. You can also bring some Proscecco in to have in your Coconut instead of Lilt. They are based in South William Street and you can check them out here. This is the perfect place for anyone working/living in town, a hen or bridal party or just for the lovers of some seriously edgy nails.

In a world of beauty it’s important to stand out and Tropical Popical manages to do just that. And if you’re a little bit Amish about your nails, you can get plain ones too πŸ˜‰

Be prepared, you will fall in love! And your nails will be shit hot…

The Girl Pout Town x


Are you a hooded eyed gal?!

Are you a hooded eye girl like me? Do you look at the eye sockets of other people and think? ”The lucky b&tch!!”… me too! I find myself sometimes coming across a photo on Instagram and going ”Ooooh, I will recreate this look” and it just doesn’t look like that as I do not have the same eye shape. Yes, woe is me!

What is a hooded eye? This is when your eye has a fold of skin that β€œdroops” or hangs over the natural crease, making the eyelids appear smaller. It can cover the lid fully, partially or just even affect one eye.

Look straight on into the mirror and determine how much of your eyelid you can see. If it’s not much, you more than likely have hooded eyes. The eyeshadow on hooded eyes is much harder to photograph too, this is partly why I am always looks semi-intrigued in my photos on my blog.

Some celebrities with hooded eyes include:

Blake Lively


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

These ladies are all absolute rides, so I am happy to be in their gang! It’s all about accentuating what you have.

Here’s some tips for enhancing your hooded eye shape:

1. Look straight on in the mirror when applying your ”crease” medium colour to the eye. You should aim to place this just above the socket line in order to be able to see the shadow when eyes are open.

2.Use the V shape on the outer corners of your eyes blending upwards towards the socket. Move this colour in a little towards to middle of your eye too, just above the lash line.

3. Place a highligher on the brow bone and also in the tear duct of your eye to pop. I like to use Mac in ”Phloof” ‘or their Mineralise highligter in ”Lightscape”.

4. Use white eyeliner on your water line under the eye to make the eye look bigger. I use Rimmel’s Soft Kajal Kohl pencil.

5. Define the bejaysus out of your brows. You could also think about getting HD brows done, they will pop your eye and give a better definition to your socket. Check out The Lash Lounge for HD Brows.

6. Lots of Mascara and then some more for good measure. I use Benefit’s ”They’re Real” when I don’t have my mink lashes on. These lashes have really helped to pop my eye. Place some mascara on your bottom lashes too. If you prefer a strip lash go for something light and as if they’re too heavy they will just make the lids appear even smaller.

7. Eyeshadow under the eye and blend the shiz out of it! Mac Eyeliner in Teddy and Smolder and Sleek’s Gift Basket from their ”Oh So Special” palette are my best friends.

8. When applying eyeliner on the top lid you can go for a winged effect but do not make it too thick as it will just undo all your lovely blending and cover the lid.

Here’s my eyes from the other night using Sleek’s Matte V2 palette. I am very intrigued πŸ˜‰  It’s €9.99 and available on Sleek’s website.

FullSizeRender (5)

The Girl Pout Town x