My Millon Dollar Baby Challenge with AJ Fitness

As a very sporty person, I am playing basketball since the age of 10, I am used to being fit and when I don’t feel fit, I don’t feel right. After a season of stops and starts, my fitness went downhill, rapidly. This coupled with the fact that I sit all day in an office and then I would be sitting blogging and creeping on people’s Instagram(!), I was starting to feel like sh!te.

Cue Aaron from AJ Fitness, who laid down the gauntlet for me to take on the Millon Dollar Baby Challenge. I had previously taken on a similar challenge two years ago, for pre-season fitness, and it kicked my ass! So, sadistically, I accepted his challenge. (I am a competitive freak too, so that helps!!)


The Millon Dollar Baby challenge consists of 10 one on one sessions, where Aaron (Hitler as I like to call him!), designs a plan for you for each session. Beware, he will push you but he’s also extremely encouraging and will set you goals that he feels you can realistically achieve whilst still being challenging. He’s always there for on-hand advice too.

I am now 4 sessions in and I am starting to feel a lot better, less sluggish and  I have way more energy in the evenings. After the first session, I was sore, I could really feel the lactic acid on my body. I comtemplated taking a difene. Melodramatic much!!  But as I trained on my second session, I loosened right up and haven’t looked back since. That is until, I did work on my glutes on Saturday and winced every time my arse hit the toilet seat! At the weekend, Aaron sent me a low GI diet to go with my training, I will be giving this a go for 2-3 weeks as I train to see how it enhances my exercise.

This means no sugar or bread… waaaah! God love anyone who is in close proximity to me.. May the Lord have mercy on your soul. I was even thinking about large bowls of Frosties cereal last night with freezing cold milk, I haven’t had this since I was about 10 years old.

Here’s today’s breakfast – some spinach, asparagus and scrambled egg. It was delicious, I inhaled mine. I also had some grapefruit and took a berry smoothie with me for mid morning. We used frozen berries from Lidl, they are so handy.

FullSizeRender (7)

At the end of the challenge, I will do a before and after. I’m not saying I need to lose lots of weight by the way, this is about toning and having a healthy, fit heart for me. I am used to intensive cardio and I want to get back to that. I have some seriously challenging sessions ahead, say a prayer for me.

I think this type of training would be great for someone looking to kickstart their fitness again, take up fitness for the first time, it’s never too late, or for anyone who would feel uncomfortable in a group class as it would be a great way to build up your confidence. It would also be fantastic for any brides looking to get toned for their wedding.

AJ Fitness also runs a bootcamp, TRX classes and there’s more to come from this great studio that’s based in Ballymount. You can check out AJ Fitness here on Facebook. or give Aaron a call on: 085 844 0870

Here, I am pulling a 50kg sled and pushing 30kg, then pulling 30kg… Feel the burn…

IMG_2961 (1)IMG_2962 IMG_2963

If anyone is looking for healthy dish ideas, I am happy to share… Carl’s lethal at the cooking ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Bon Voyage to the Bush – My Laser Hair Removal Journey @ Urbana

A few weeks ago I posted about my Lycon Wax treatment with Urbana Hair Removal Clinics and how they laid down the gauntlet to try out laser hair removal for my bikini area and underarms. I didn’t know much about laser hair removal to be honest but anything that makes me less like a Yeti is a winner in my book. Last week, I had my first session with Paula – here’s the lowdown.

Paula started on my bikini area, I always go for a Hollywood, so I decided to do the same for the laser removal too. It feel likes mini pinches with cool air blowing on the skin, but they were not sore or uncomfortable. I found the bikini area less sensitive than my armpits. My right armpit decided to be a boll*x and be more sensitive but it still wasn’t painful.

Bikini Signs

My treatment was about 25 minutes long and it flew in. This is probably due to how efficientย and personable Paula is that I didn’t notice the time. I did feel at one stage that the cold air on my bum felt wet and I was praying nothing had leaked out!! I was thinking ”I hadn’t asked for an enema?!!” but it was just the sensation!

The day after my treatment, I expected the area to be itchy, I was thinking I’d be going around work like I’d caught a bad bout of the crabs. A few follicles were slightly swelled and red but nothing major to note as I was pain and itch free. Hoorah!

I am lucky to have fair enough hair that is not too thick, so this is why I don’t feel it as much as someone with thicker hair but I still think it’s a tolerable sensation for anyone that is looking to get it done as it could transform your life. I know some people are shy or nervous about having their intimate parts exposed to strangers, but it’s like a Gynecologist staring at it, except your vagina stays intact at the end with no child to provide for!

I will be keeping everyone posted on my journey – yes, I am too kind, but there’s a few competitions to keep you interested ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is some information on laser treatment:

Laser beams you say? What do they do?ย 

A Laser machine emits energy in the form of heat and light that targets and heats up your hair follicle.The light is attracted to and absorbed by Melanin (the substance within your hair that contains the pigment or colour), the heat travels down the base of the hair to the root where the heat destroys the inter-connectors that connect the hair root to the blood supply that nourishes it. If these cells are completely destroyed a new hair canโ€™t grow. This is a completely safe procedure as the laser will only absorb into these specific structures and will not damage the surrounding skin or tissues.

Laser Hair

Factors which influence the effect of laser treatment?

We are all so different, no two bushes are the same (!), this has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your treatment. There are a number of different factors that are listed below that will determine the level of final result you will receive and how many treatments it will take to get that result.

1. Colour of your Skin

Because laser is designed to absorb into Melanin the best result will be achieved in the quickest time-frame with a paler skin that has dark hair, the laser will target the brown pigment immediately and the full amount of the energy that the laser omits will be absorbed by the hair. Because the skin is pale it contains little or no melanin so there is no absorption here the full shot of heat will go straight into the hair follicle and cause it to be more effective. Darker skins can be treated very successfully with laser also but have to be treated at a slower rate using less intensive energy levels. Because a darker skin will contain Melanin the laser will absorb into the skin and hair at the same rate and cause the skin to pigment and darken if too high an energy is used. A person with darker skin will typically need more sessions than someone with paler skin.

2. Colour and diameter of your Hair

Laser will work best on people with brown or black hair as it full of Melanin and so absorption will be rapid and very effective. The thicker the hair the easier it is to treat as there is a bulk source of pigment present, finer hairs will respond although may be slower and may need higher energy settings in order for the laser to target them and pick them up. Laser does not work on people with red, blond or grey hairs as there is no pigment present in the hair the laser has nothing to target so the energy has nothing to absorb into.If there is a mixture of light and dark hairs in an area the laser will only target the darker ones and thelighter ones will remain.

What types of Lasers do Urbana use?ย 

As a dedicated hair removal clinic we only use Medical Grade 4 lasers, FDA approved Lasers in order to achieve the safest and most effective treatment results possible.

You can check our Urbana on Facebook or hereย to request a free consultation.

Go over to my Facebook page to enter our competition now! Yeow.

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Why you need to touch yo’boobies!

No, my blog has not been hacked! This is the actual heading of today’s blog. It’s a steer away from my usual beauty talk too and more into health awareness.

I’ve decided to do this piece in order to highlight the need to check your breasts, especially in younger women. I tend to check my breasts regularly, mainly due to the fact that I’ve watched my Aunt battle cancer for 3 years, it’s made me a little bit more aware. I usually do mine in the shower, I find this method the easiest. Recently, I found what felt like a lump. I got the boyfriend to check it and then the mother, just to make sure I wasn’t going mad. Both felt what I had felt and I made an appointment to see my GP.

The GP allayed all my fears, stating that she was almost sure it was just a ”breast mouse” – a ย fibroadenoma. (We named him Stuart!!) but to be 100% sure she wanted to send me to the Breast Care clinic for their expert for a consultation. I left the GP feeling much better about the whole situation. I rang my mother to tell her the news about Stuart, she was all breezy but she was only short of putting me on a plane to Lourdes.

The night before my appointment my Aunt informed me her friend was ‘lighting a candle’ for me! Mother of God!!! ย I went to my appointment in St Vincent’s hospital with a very nice doctor. He went through the usual questions and took an overview of family history and health. You know the usual, where you pretend you only really ever have three drinks at the weekend!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then he examined my tiny titties and Stuart..

The one thing he applauded me for was how often I check my breasts, he said I am only the second person under 30 who he has ever met that checks them regularly. He also asked me to ”spread the word”. So, here I am, like Jesus, spreading the word – I may as well put this blog to good use.

The consultant then came to check the doctor’s initial assessment and he felt that it was just a fibroid changing in my body and it was of no real concern. He arranged an ultrasound for completeness but that he is more impressed that I took action and that I check my breasts.

Out of a group of 10 women, 2 of them will fight breast cancer and it’s the most common form of cancer for women in Ireland. Please take care of your body and health.. You can never be too cautious!

P.s also get your free smears!!!

Here’s a little breast check guide and a video too:

Breast Check

The Girl Pout Town x