Art Deco Camouflage Cream

I have been using the Art Deco concealer the last week as part of my makeup routine to see how it compared to my other cream concealers. I usually use Mac’s Full Coverage Foundation as a cream concealer when I want the effect, so I was interested to see what this product would do for me.

The Camouflage Cream is a long-lasting concealer that would work well on problem areas for a bride’s makeup and lasts well even if the surrounding temperature is high. The coverage can be light or heavy, depending on the amount applied and becomes waterproof after fixing powder has been applied. The cream will warm up on your hands too as when I initially looked at it, I thought it might be cakey or too thick and that I’d end up looking like Jodie Marsh had done her makeup on crack.

Jodie Marsh

However, it applied really well and covered my blemishes perfectly. I also like this product on my nose area, yep, right on those pesky pores. You just need to make sure you blend. In terms of coverage, this stuff is the dog’s boll*x! I wouldn’t use it under my eyes but I liked it on my lids for concealing discolouration and it can be used as a primer for the lid.

It is very practical because these Camouflage Creams are available separately, but can be combined with other colours in a refillable magnetic box and those that have been used up can be replaced.

Art Deco cream

I had a massive bruise on my thigh from blocking a ball in a match and it managed to cover this perfectly. It’ll work well on most scars too, once well healed.

The camouflage cream is only €10.85 and it’s available in a fab salon called Carshelles Beauty. You can check them out here and Michelle or Caroline can find you your perfect shade.
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Ógra Skincare Range

Peat on your face?? Ah sure load it on there Ted. I received the Ógra Face and Body Mask this week and I was more than happy to dive straight in and test it. As you know, I will pretty much try anything. But if you had of told me I’d be putting bog on my face.. well, I would have told you to go and shite!!

Ógra, meaning youth, are the first in Ireland to use peat as an integral ingredient in their range. The product is packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to treat, hydrate and restore the skin. ÓGRA harnesses all the goodness and preservative qualities of natural Irish peat to enhance and rejuvenate the skin. The rejuvenating benefits come from a mixture of essential oils, humic acids and lipoids in the peat. These penetrate the skin, re-establishing the Ph balance and encouraging blood flow. Their products have been recommended also to help with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, that’s some impressive stuff.

I put this on one evening after work and despite looking like an absolute creature after emerging from the depths of a swamp, I could feel it work instantly. It’s quite gloopy and I followed the instructions and began treating my problem areas. I did my chin, above my lips and my nose as a tester. I looked like a dodgy Ali G by the time I was finished but the tingling sensation let me know that it was working. I left this for ten minutes and then removed with warm water.

Face and Body mask

My skin looked better afterwards and it felt really nice to touch too. My pesky pores reduced considerably too! Take that, you bastards. I tried this again for the next two evenings and I can see my chin is improving where there would usually be some hormonal spots. I am really selling myself here!!! I’d say I will really feel the benefits of this product when I return from my drink filled upcoming holiday!

The packaging is really nice too and it feels like a luxury product in hand and on your face too.

You can check out Ógra skincare here and this product is €59.95… it will last you though and you’re really treating yourself to some essential nourishment.

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Here’s a few food tips for you while training your ass off!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I undertook my Million Dollar baby challenge with AJ Fitness. As a part of the challenge, I was subjected to a low GI diet. I think the first day or two my body went into shock but as the time went on, I adjusted. Somewhat!! Here’s a breakdown of the items that got me over the finish line…. Albeit, on all fours waving a white flag 😉

ABSolute Nutrition

I was introduced to Jo Davey and her company ABSolute Nutrition two weeks into my diet and it was a godsend! Thanks Aar 😉 Healthy yummy treats that made it that little bit easier when having your cup of tea at night. These snacks are egg, dairy, gluten and sugar free. There’s also Paleo options too, the range caters to everyone’s taste. My favourites were the Hazelnut brownie and Coconut protein bite. That brownie with a cup of tea was like the sexy time! I’d readily have these again off my diet too. I have yet to try the Paleo-tella but I’ve got my beady eyes on it.

These treats would be particularly good for anyone training hard, looking to cut back or if you have any food allergies. There is no compromise on taste here and this is coming from a Cadbury’s whore. I am half afraid I will be off my titties when I do go back on the sugar..

You can check out Jo and ABSolute Nutrition here.


Mmmmmm, egggggggggggggggggssss….

I would have been fooked if it wasn’t for eggs. We horsed our way through at least 5 eggs a day each. I was only short of starting to lay eggs myself. That would have been some new party trick! If it wasn’t an omelette, it was scrambled or poached and sometimes just boiled for a salad.

The Green Shiz…. 

Kale, avocado, asparagus and spinach are all delicious with eggs, chicken or fish and they are filling too. Apart from my wee wee smelling now and again, I would have been lost without these staple items. One of my favourite breakfasts throughout the diet was scrambled eggs, spinach and asparagus. It kept me going for hours. We found going to the local vegetable shop every second day was a lot easier and led to less food waste.

FullSizeRender (8)

Philips Juicer

Another good purchase for making fresh Grapefruit juices in the morning or a berry smoothie to tick you over until lunchtime. Grab as many frozen berries as you can from Aldi or Lidl so they are always there to hand without the mould 😉 That’s the bad kind of green my friend. You can get this in Argos for €189.99 but it’s multi-functional and you will have it for years.

Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter

This was another gem to have in the cupboard. If I felt myself crashing or craving, it was straight to this for a little dollop. It was particularly good even on a banana for an instant hit. There’s no palm oil in this, so it’s all natural. The consistency was a little thicker than your usual peanut butter, so it sticks to the roof of your mouth a bit. It just means it lasts longer! I sound like a famine survivor, I know. You can pick this up in most health shops, it’s €3.99.

Crunchy peanut 100%

And now again, I obviously cheated a little, if we had a BBQ or I was in someone else’s house. My dad would have drop kicked me if I asked ”Is that Paleo?!”

Hope this helps a little, it has definitely made me re-think my diet.

The Girl Pout Town x


My Million Dollar Baby Challenge with AJ Fitness – Part Deux

I am now nearing the end of my challenge with AJ Fitness and I’m a little sad. I think I am hooked now on the fitness side of things. I have managed to stick to the diet for the majority of the time too, I was down 5 pounds after 2 weeks. But I have regularly thought about gorging myself on carbs. I’ve also turned into a lightweight, three drinks and I am Phil Mitchell’ed. I am definitely looking forward to getting some drinking power back. I don’t fancy being dragged home from nights out by the hair… Again.

Phil Mitchell

Aaron has really upped the ante with my workouts too, he’s introduced Olympic rings, ploughs, more weights and in one session I was pulling him on a sled like a husky as he said ”hooosh”. This is what I loved about the sessions, I never knew what I was going into and it was always too late to leg it out after I realised. There were exercises that didn’t look too complex that worked the most random part of my bodies, like the time I thought my kidneys felt bruised after doing some dead lifting.

IMG_3491 IMG_3613

I think my best moment is probably mastering the Olympic rings and managing to pull 70kgs while digging deep with burning quads. There were times that my legs felt like they literally couldn’t push any more. I was like Mr Soft…


At my final weigh in I was down 11 pounds in the 5 weeks, which is a steady rate and I am definitely feeling a lot fitter. There’s at least 40% less jiggle when I twerk too.

Thanks a million Aaron for kicking my butt and getting me back to my original state and for always being a motivator even when there was nothing left in the tank. I will be back down after this holiday for TRX classes if I don’t die from carb intake in the interim that is.

You can check out AJ Fitness here, you won’t regret it!

The Girl Pout Town x


Teeth Whitening from Whitening at the Square

Whitening at the Square Tallaght invited me to test out their 1 hour whitening treatment and I accepted in a flash. Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!

Ross's teeth

I was greeted by Niamh upon arrival and within minutes I was ready to go. Check me out, I’m like Elton John meets Futurama.


I had a 30 minute session, a two minute break and then the second half of my treatment. The time went quite fast and it was good because  I was lying down too, I’d had previous whitening done two years ago and I had to sit up and it was only for 20 minutes but it was a pain in my Nicki Minaj. Niamh also checked on me regularly to make sure I was comfortable and not dribbling all over myself(!) which was also another plus in my book.

Whitening at the Square use a solution that has less than 0.1% of peroxide and their equipment uses a cold blue light accelerator in order to achieve a desired look.

After the treatment, I was told to make sure I stuck to a white diet in order to get the best results. I followed this religiously fo for the next 24 hours, even foregoing my beloved tea. I could definitely see a difference in my teeth, and I noticed that they were nowhere near as sensitive as the previous time I had my teeth whitened.

It’s now almost three weeks on from my treatment and they are still looking great. I’d recommend this treatment to anyone looking to spruce up their teeth, I was instantly summer ready. I would recommend to get your teeth cleaned by a Dentist before this procedure to ensure the ultimate return from your treatment.


You can check out Whitening at the Square here or on Facebook. They regularly do great special offers so keep your eyes peeled – it’s currently €90 for the 1 hour treatment but you can book online and save some moolah. It’s worth it!

Happy Smiling,

The Girl Pout Town x


Exposed Spray Tan @ Creative Academy

Last week, I went to Creative Academy to experience the new Exposed spray tan. While part of me was excited to try a new beauty product, the other side to me (the boring Avalon!) was a little apprehensive about getting a spray tan. You know yourself, we have all been there… orange wrists, caked knees and dirty ankles. Am I giving you some flashbacks?? And the smell…. that God damn smell like you’d laid in chlorine and biscuits and then put yourself in the oven!

So for years, I just applied my own tan and then eventually just resorted to instant tan, which in Ireland is a b@st@rd. At one stage in my younger years, I was off my biccy on those Penney’s tanning wipes. I looked like a carrot.


Gill was my spray tan technician on the day and she led me towards the tanning room, I got my sticky feet on, which means I didn’t get crazy tanned feet. I also got a kimono to throw on while I waited for her to return. Gill described to me that there were different percentages I could go for starting at 6% and going up to 14%. I decided on 8%, I didn’t want to look like a pasty Patricia. I love that there’s variations of tan, so it’s not a one colour fits all like most spray tans. The Exposed tan is a step up in the tanning industry as it has an adaptable tanning formula to suit your needs all year around.

Gill is really nice too, if you were a bit shy about stripping off, she’s the person to do it in front of. I had some Exposed Barrier cream  rubbed into my elbows, feet and knees to protect all the areas that are usually the tell-tale signs of a bad spray tan.

The movements Gill made me to do as she sprayed me are probably key to the application and how good the tan turned out. She was efficient and precise with her spray gun and within minutes I was transformed. I then awaited my least favourite bit, the drying time. I was expecting my teeth to chatter and to have to do a little two step jig while my nipples were on stalks. But no, the drying time on this tan is almost instant and I waited a minute longer just to be sure.

Straight away, I had a natural looking glow. This meant I could walk around and do my normal daily duties without people mistaking me for Donatella Versace. This was another major plus for me, I didn’t have to hibernate for a day in a bee keeper suit.

Donatella Versace

I think I have a very heightened sense of smell, I can smell tan a mile off on someone. But I have to say, I could only get the faintest of hints off this tan. It also doesn’t come off on your clothes or bed sheets. The solution itself is free of alcohol and parabens making it a better quality tanning product.

I left the tan on myself overnight and when I washed it off the next day, I had a lovely natural tan. I was a ride! It was similar to the type of tan I would get on holidays. It’s also wearing off really well now, I have been moisturising and last night I used the Tan Extender, which has spruced it back up again. I am really happy with the outcome. It’s a week on and I still don’t resemble a giraffe. You can buy a bronzing mousse to do you tan at home too and buy the exfoliator or tan eraser – there’s a good spectrum of products to heighten your tan experience with Exposed.

Here’s a photo of my tan at the Boots event last week, it’s so natural..

IMG_3358 (1)

I am looking forward to my next one already, Exposed has changed my opinion on spray tans. Check out Creative Academy here or on Facebook. You can also call them on 01-4295122. The spray tan is €25.00 but on ”Tan Thursdays” it’s €20.00. Get on it 😉

The Girl Pout Town x


Image O2 Facial @ Tiger Lily salon

I promised myself I would be kinder to my skin this year, half-arsed wiping a baby wipe around your mush just doesn’t cut it when you’re 28… and a beauty blogger. The lovely Tiger Lily salon in Rathcoole invited me to review their Image O2 Facial. Yep, you read that right… Oxygen. Look, I’m not going to lie, part of the appeal for me with a facial is those heated beds! I think I’ve a new fetish…

I started conjuring up all sorts of ideas of how they’d be getting this oxygen back into my skin and I was happy to go along with it either way. Niamh was my therapist for this treatment and I was greeted by her at the reception and as she nodded to the heated bed I thought ”yuuuuussss”! I was stripped and snuggled under the blanky in seconds.


The treatment

Oxygen provides a host of  benefits to the skin; it brightens, speeds up healing, boosts circulation, reduces stress, and helps eliminate toxins.The treatment is designed for all skin types so everyone can reap the benefits.The facial itself took 45 minutes:

Step 1: A Gel to Milk Cleanser was massaged into my skin.  It gently cleansed my skin, it was milky soft. The therapist took her time working the product in and then removed the cleanser using a warm sponge. I love the feeling of these soft warm sponges on my skin – such a nice feeling.

Step 2: An Enzymatic Facial Peel was applied. Niamh explained that the fruit enzymes would dissolve dead skin cells. The gel smelled lovely and was well massaged into my skin for a few minutes before it liquified. She continued massaging which is to help it penetrate the skin and gently lift dead cells, promoting collagen synthesis and deep hydration. My ears honed in on the word ”collagen” and I immediately thought ”Yes, bring some more of that shiz on please”.. By the bucket preferably!

Step 3: An Oxygenation Masque was then applied. The product goes on like a gel and then starts to foam. It is a strange feeling initally, it kind of felt like a crackle, I was just waiting for Snap and Pop to join the party. This is how it delivers the oxygen into the skin. Success! I could instantly feel this working, the more dehydrated areas dissolve the fastest and my big greedy pores had some thirst on them. While the mask was working away the therapist gave me a lovely hand massage. 15 minutes later the mask was gone. It had delivered the necessary goods to my skin. Danke.

Snap Crackle and Pop

Step 4: A Stem Cell Enhancer was them massaged on to my face, neck and chest.This is a serum loaded with high doses of stem cells and Vitamin C which penetrate deep into the skin.

Image Products

Step 5:  Prevention+Tinted moisturizer was then applied to my skin. Niamh said it’s brilliant as it’s a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. I always hate leaving with a naked face post-facial, I am ghostly pale on my face. I don’t even blush! So it was nice to have a little colour to my face as I ducked out of the salon feeling less like a gargoyle.


Niamh has years of experience delivering facials to the needy. As well as being professional, she is also very friendly and will put you at ease instantly. Especially if it’s your first facial as she explains each step in simple terms. Oh, and she’s got a serious set of hands on her too. My skin was looking great and my makeup glided on the next day. I even went out and about without makeup and could see how much fresher my skin looked, I had a glow.

This is the perfect facial for a bride on the run up to her big day as you could get it done right up to the day of the wedding, if you nothing else to be doing(!), as you won’t break out or for anyone with a big event around the corner. Get yourself to Tiger Lily, your skin will thank you.

You can check out Tiger Lily here or on Facebook.

Avalon x