Mac’s Warm Neutral Palette – My New Baby

Are you looking for a new eyeshadow palette that will also do some multi-tasking for you? Then you need this Mac Warm Neutral palette and you need it now. I finally purchased this myself in July after month’s of drooling over it. I was supposed to just buy it as a present for a friend but then I decided I deserved one too. It’s now my go to palette and if I ever smash this one, I will truly weep. 

It consists of 15 highly pigmented eyeshadows in a clear, neat palette. It’s a great palette for anyone going on holidays or about to go travelling for a long period of time.


The eyeshadows are made up of current eyeshadows from the MAC line and some re-promoted ones that had been discontinued. The palette is €75.00 which is an absolute steal for MAC eyeshadows, that works out at €5.00 an eyeshadow. Bargain!

I kept checking over my shoulder for the security guard thinking he might stop me leaving Brown Thomas for daylight robbery! Good thing I ran out out of there at high speed, just in case there had been a mistake.

The colours are fantastic for a day or night look. The colour form each of these eyeshadows transfer really well and it’s long lasting. They are buildable too to create the perfect smokey eye, which we are all partial too!

Brule is the perfect matte base for your lid while Amber Lights and Unwind will make your eye colour pop with a metallic rock chick effect, without making you look like Courtney Love after a weekend on the sauce. For just a gentle, romantic shimmer all you need is Warm Breeze or Vanilla Extract. The Dance in the Dark colour adds depth to the smokey eye too. 


These babies will also save you money as it can used as a highlighter too. Lemon Tart and Hey both double up as highlighters and can be used under the brow, in the inner corner of your eyes, the cheeks, the bridge of your nose and above your cupid’s bow. Highlight the sh*t out of those features to make them pop!!

They will give you a enduring shimmer highlight, you can use these two colours alone or mix them together for a more powerful shimmer effect that’s perfect for night-time.

The palette is really versatile and I use it daily. I did an entire party of 7 using the palette and not one of the had the same eye look. That’s how good it is, there’s so much colour to play around with and the options are endless. It beats the Urban Decay palettes hands down for me.

There’s also a cool palette too if the warm palette colours aren’t quite your cup of tea. They cool palette will perfectly compliment brown and green eyes.

The Girl Pout Town x