MAC’s Waterweight Foundation

So, as you may have gathered by now, I am quite the slut for MAC. There’s very few products within the range that I don’t like, they are my go to brand. They’ve recently added a new foundation to their range, waheeeeyyyyy… *does a little wee in the pantalons*. It’s the Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation and it’s an excellent addition to their foundation lineup. I love the Face & Body Foundation and if you like that, than you’ll really like this foundation too. The water-like formula sets to a satin finish that is neither matte nor moisturising—striking a balance that makes this an option for nearly any skin type, including the acne-prone. Woop! There’s also an SPF 30 + in this foundation too. Not only is it making your skin look sh*t hot, it’s also protecting it.


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Housed in a heavy glass bottle with a dropper applicator (there’s those bleeding droppers again, they are everywhere!!), Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation is a clever addition to the recent trend of serum foundations. This provides initially sheer coverage that can be layered to medium and looks incredibly natural on skin because let’s be honest, no one wants a cake face, except for X-Tina that is..


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Due to its fluid nature, you may be surprised by how little you need to cover your whole face, unless you’ve a face like the moon that is!!  A few drops were more than sufficient for a full face and it easily evened out a  my complexion.

This blends effortlessly onto skin—whether you use your fingers, a sponge or brush. Those with oily or combination skin will likely love how light this feels, while those on the dry side will find this layers well over a richer moisturiser and resists clinging to dry patches. This does not control shine well, nor does it claim to, so expect to powder and/or blot as usual.

Mac currently offers this in a stunning array of 23 shades that includes the most common shades between fair to deep skin tones. As this has a lighter degree of coverage, the shades are more forgiving!

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You can get your Waterweight foundation in Brown Thomas today. It’s €36.50 and if Santa was real sound, he’d bring this for you 😉


The Girl Pout Town x


Day 4 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

My next item on my essentials hit list is the humble highlighter!! These little gems can turn you from drab to fab in one sweep. They will brighten your complexion and give you an instant radiance. It can assist you in attaining your ”dewy” look without making you look oily and like you’re going through puberty! Nor do you want to look sweaty…

I have 3 highlighters in my life with each doing a little job for me. Depending on personal preference you can go for a liquid, cream or a powder highlighter. When highlighting is done right, it’s soooo good!

1. Mac Mineralise Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle

This is a fantastic product and if I had to recommend just one highlighter, it would be this beauty! The tone in the Soft & Gentle product works really well in giving a very nice polished look. It looks really well on your cheeks, down the middle of your nose and just above your cupid’s bow on your lips.

I especially love this product against a red lip, they really compliment each other. The way it brightens and lifts the skin is something else! This product and a lipstick are all you need when going from day to night in very few steps.

Tip – wet this product a little to really see it at it’s maximum potential.

I also have this product in Lights Capade and it’s also a strong contender.

It’s €30.00 and available in Brown Thomas stores.

Mac Soft & Gentle

2. Mac Eyeshadow – Phloof

Ok, I am cheating a little. This is technically an eyeshadow but it works brilliantly as a highlighter too. A great doubling up product for the girl who can only work off a small makeup bag or budget. I love this under my brows, along the bridge of my nose and also above the cupid’s bow again. It can also be used in the tear duct part of your eye or directly on the lid! Superhero product.

It’s €16.50 and again you can trot into Brown Thomas for this.


3. Mac Lustre Drops Bronzante – Pink Rebel 

So, this product is in liquid form and the applicator allows it to come out in drop format, so you get plenty of use out of it.

I enjoy this product under AND over my foundation. It works well both ways either individually or both. I love this over my foundation with a strong winged shimmer liner! Perfection. I found this one suits most Irish skin tones.

It’s €19.50 and available in Brown Thomas again 😉

MAC Pink rebel lustre drops

Do not mistake these highlighters for this….