Bridal Hair Heroes

Let’s be honest, after the dress, hair and makeup are the most essential parts of your big day. I’d rather have my reception in a cardboard box than forego hair and makeup! I’d also gladly sell the groom for a good hair stylist.

Picking your hair guru for the big day can be somewhat daunting,  a lot depends on budget, your style and also how comfortable you feel on the day with the chosen one. You’ve got to be able to ask them to fix something if it needs to be. You know us Irish..

”Is everything okay?”

”Oh yes, yes, it’s fiiiiine. Thank you” as a crow lands on your nest hive head!


Hair stylists usually get snapped up early, you need to be booking a good bit in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can start to Pinterest different hair that you love and then bring it with you. Do not be afraid to give them your overall idea or look and not just the hair idea. They should be able to tell you what’ll suit your face and that a Croydon facelift a la Michaela is not on trend.

Michaella McCollum Connolly in a Peruvian court

Nourishing and taking good care of your mane will also make your hair stylist’s job a million times easier on the day. Get a good colourist (tip: not sun-in!!), get it trimmed regularly, use treatments once a week. I recommend Nioxin for thin hair, it’s the dog’s b*llox for getting the hair to a healthier state

If you are thinking about getting extensions, please do some research on reputable salons, you do not want a bad job done on these. Email if you’d like a list 🙂

Here are my top bridal hairstylist picks for your dream hair:

Norma Jean – Di Milo Hair

Ah, it’s the wizard of the hair world. This Harry Potter hails from the DiMilo salon in Donnybrook. She’s a master in colour, cuts, up-styles and blowdries.

Norma Jean is very creative and she’ll get you the colour blend of your dreams. She recently won hairdresser of the year at the Image Awards – get her while you can!!! She’s sound as a pound too..

Hair by Joanne Kelly

Joanne is the bridal buddha, bringing brides years of joy and beautiful hair. If you are looking for years of experience with luscious sweeping locks. She is literally the Queen of the flowing curls. Joanne is highly sought-after, be sure to book quick!

Carla Rose

Carla Rose Hair is another extremely popular choice and is one to watch in my opinion. Carla features in a lot of editorial work and all of her brides manes seem to have a vintage look and they all manage to look effortlessly chic. Carla is also lethal at colouring, so if you need colour advice along with your do, then get on this lady ASAP.

Tori Keane

I worked with Tori at a wedding before, her pretty style and professionalism won me over. Tori is really strong at mixing it up with all kinds of hair styles and she’s also got a ridiculous amount of experience too to make sure you remain calm on the big day, so you don’t have to overdose on the ole Rescue Remedy on the big day.

Who have you booked or have you had any horror stories?

The Girl Pout Town x


Di Milo Salon – Donnybrook

Have you been to Di Milo salon yet? Well, you need to get your ass there quick sharp bitches!

Di Milo is based in Donnybrook and is the brainchild of Jean O’Sullivan. The salon won the prestigious Image award for ‘Best Hair Salon’ and it’s easy to see why. You enter an airy, spacious and trendy salon with coffee, herbal teas, juices and friendly smiles on tap.

Di Milo

I had a Nioxin treatment applied and a blowdry by Michelle. My hair was left feeling healthy and shiny after my treatment and Michelle gave me a curly blowdry to beat all blowdries. I haven’t had a bounce with a curl in my hair like that since my mother inflicted rags on my head for my communion. She was rather evil, yes!

This was my blowdry 8 hours later.. The lady’s got skills!   
Michelle is a highly trained stylist and she spoke with me about styles that could really bring my hair to it’s full potential, including a change in cut or colour. I thought this was nice as she seemed to be genuinely interested in my mane, or lack of!

Di Milo run some great special offers but what really does it for me is that they open at 7am for that quick blowdry before an important meeting, appointment or flight. Handy or what!? They also do the new Gold Fever Hair and Great Lengths, so there’s something for everyone at Di Milo.

You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook today or at www.dimilo.ie.


The Girl Pout Town.


Bon Voyage to the Bush – My Laser Hair Removal Journey @ Urbana

A few weeks ago I posted about my Lycon Wax treatment with Urbana Hair Removal Clinics and how they laid down the gauntlet to try out laser hair removal for my bikini area and underarms. I didn’t know much about laser hair removal to be honest but anything that makes me less like a Yeti is a winner in my book. Last week, I had my first session with Paula – here’s the lowdown.

Paula started on my bikini area, I always go for a Hollywood, so I decided to do the same for the laser removal too. It feel likes mini pinches with cool air blowing on the skin, but they were not sore or uncomfortable. I found the bikini area less sensitive than my armpits. My right armpit decided to be a boll*x and be more sensitive but it still wasn’t painful.

Bikini Signs

My treatment was about 25 minutes long and it flew in. This is probably due to how efficient and personable Paula is that I didn’t notice the time. I did feel at one stage that the cold air on my bum felt wet and I was praying nothing had leaked out!! I was thinking ”I hadn’t asked for an enema?!!” but it was just the sensation!

The day after my treatment, I expected the area to be itchy, I was thinking I’d be going around work like I’d caught a bad bout of the crabs. A few follicles were slightly swelled and red but nothing major to note as I was pain and itch free. Hoorah!

I am lucky to have fair enough hair that is not too thick, so this is why I don’t feel it as much as someone with thicker hair but I still think it’s a tolerable sensation for anyone that is looking to get it done as it could transform your life. I know some people are shy or nervous about having their intimate parts exposed to strangers, but it’s like a Gynecologist staring at it, except your vagina stays intact at the end with no child to provide for!

I will be keeping everyone posted on my journey – yes, I am too kind, but there’s a few competitions to keep you interested 🙂

Here is some information on laser treatment:

Laser beams you say? What do they do? 

A Laser machine emits energy in the form of heat and light that targets and heats up your hair follicle.The light is attracted to and absorbed by Melanin (the substance within your hair that contains the pigment or colour), the heat travels down the base of the hair to the root where the heat destroys the inter-connectors that connect the hair root to the blood supply that nourishes it. If these cells are completely destroyed a new hair can’t grow. This is a completely safe procedure as the laser will only absorb into these specific structures and will not damage the surrounding skin or tissues.

Laser Hair

Factors which influence the effect of laser treatment?

We are all so different, no two bushes are the same (!), this has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your treatment. There are a number of different factors that are listed below that will determine the level of final result you will receive and how many treatments it will take to get that result.

1. Colour of your Skin

Because laser is designed to absorb into Melanin the best result will be achieved in the quickest time-frame with a paler skin that has dark hair, the laser will target the brown pigment immediately and the full amount of the energy that the laser omits will be absorbed by the hair. Because the skin is pale it contains little or no melanin so there is no absorption here the full shot of heat will go straight into the hair follicle and cause it to be more effective. Darker skins can be treated very successfully with laser also but have to be treated at a slower rate using less intensive energy levels. Because a darker skin will contain Melanin the laser will absorb into the skin and hair at the same rate and cause the skin to pigment and darken if too high an energy is used. A person with darker skin will typically need more sessions than someone with paler skin.

2. Colour and diameter of your Hair

Laser will work best on people with brown or black hair as it full of Melanin and so absorption will be rapid and very effective. The thicker the hair the easier it is to treat as there is a bulk source of pigment present, finer hairs will respond although may be slower and may need higher energy settings in order for the laser to target them and pick them up. Laser does not work on people with red, blond or grey hairs as there is no pigment present in the hair the laser has nothing to target so the energy has nothing to absorb into.If there is a mixture of light and dark hairs in an area the laser will only target the darker ones and thelighter ones will remain.

What types of Lasers do Urbana use? 

As a dedicated hair removal clinic we only use Medical Grade 4 lasers, FDA approved Lasers in order to achieve the safest and most effective treatment results possible.

You can check our Urbana on Facebook or here to request a free consultation.

Go over to my Facebook page to enter our competition now! Yeow.

The Girl Pout Town x


Urbana – Hair Removal Clinic


I was invited to Urbana on Wicklow Street by Paula last week to experience their Lycon hot waxing treatment. Urbana are experts in hair removal through waxing and laser so I was excited to visit them. I usually wax every time I get my Shellac done as a rule of thumb, but on the run up to this I felt like I’d let the garden overgrow and as I waited in the plush reception area I started to feel almost sorry for the person about to wax me!

Jenny was my wax technician for my George W and upon meeting her I was instantly relaxed by her chatty personality. I let Jenny know that while I didn’t find waxing painful, I was a bit of a flincher and she was likely to get my knee in her chest once or twice throughout the treatment. She laughed it off and said ”No worries”..


I have never had a Lycon wax before, so for those of you who don’t know the procedure it’s a hot waxing system that does not utilise strips, which gives you better precision for removing the hair. Firstly, a pre-wax oil was applied to give an extra protective layer. Jenny used a a combination of the Lycon Purple and Pink hot peelable wax. The purple wax was used to removed my lighter, downy hairs and the pink wax was used for the coarser hairs. Everything smells really good too, there’s hints of lavender and rose.

Now, while I am a guinea pig and I am happy to put myself forward for treatments, this was one instance where I was praying I didn’t have inflated lips 😉 I had no need to fear Jenny was so quick and exact with my wax that I was left pain free, I didn’t flinch and I was left as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was delighted with the speed and that George had left the building..

After such a successful wax, I will be entrusting my bikini and armpit area into the trusted hands of Paula for laser hair removal. I did my initial laser test and from that it didn’t seem too bad but again that could be down to how at ease Paula made me feel. I will keep you all posted on my progress – maybe no after photos though in these blogs!

Here’s my before photo 😛


If you’re thinking about getting waxed soon you need to visit these guys. You can check out Urbana on their website or on Facebook, your vajayjay and other body parts will thank you!

The Girl Pout Town x


When you treat your hair like a sack of sh*t!

I decided I am going to mix it up and talk a little about hair. While I may not be a hairdresser by profession, I’ve had my fair share of different styles and dodgy barnets to qualify to talk about it. Have you been as harsh as I have on your hair? My mam once rationed me to using the GHD once a week only, I was strung out on it. I also tried to straighten my friends afro hair with it and this tipped Loretto over the edge when she came into the room to a plume of smoke. I was also very fond of my crimper, can’t beat a good crimp!  I’d say the one godsend in life is I never took up the ”Sun-In” trend. Look at me totally rocking satin bows back in 1992, I was such a trend setter….


Having gone from having lovely, naturally light in colour, thick hair (thanks to Loretto being very anal about it), I then went to the other extreme of thin, brittle and borderline bald! For my Confirmation, I wanted layers like Rachel from Friends and after much persuasion my Mam gave in. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I was allowed to get some highlights in my hair. What came off the back of this was multiple hair colours, black with red streaks at one stage(!), fringe, side fringe, fringe, side fringe, shaved undercut and extensions. All kinds of extensions – glue, microbead and finally Great Lengths.


Having gone through some serious hair trauma, including having to pour milk on the ends of my hair as it was like chewing gum, rounds of microbead extensions, then a set of glued in ones, I got Great Lengths into my hair. While I loved the Great Lengths hair and how it looked, it was probably the wrong time to get them. My hair really just needed a break instead of more stress on top of  stressed hair and all this while sporting a zero on the side of my head. The hair curled beautifully though and I would not discount trying out this brand again on healthier hair. These ones definitely did the least amount of damage and could make your average ponytail look fantastic. The downside was the hair from any set of extensions being matted into the carpet or your boyfriend finding it in his bum and even the tip of his william!!! But wasn’t it lovely?!


However, like everything, all good things must come to an end. A very nice bearded boy got me a voucher for Dylan Bradshaw and I made the decision to have my extensions taken out and my hair cut up on the same day. Coupling this with growing out my bald patch on the side of my head, I was going for some serious change. At the end of January, out came the extensions and my hair was cut up and coloured in Dylan Bradshaw. I cannot speak highly enough of this salon and it’s not just because they give you prosecco, they have literally transformed my hair along with some good home care on my part.

I began using Nioxin shampoos and conditioners, I replaced my hair dryer, got new brushes, invested in Kerstase treatment conditioners for the ends of my hair too. Aoife in Dylan Bradshaw suggested all these items to me and I took it all on board as at this stage I was thinking I don’t want to be all scalp and no hair at 50. I look like my dad enough as it is! Aoife’s been brilliant at telling me exactly what I need and when, she will always tell it to you straight and really gets to know the client and their ”hair scare”.

I have visited Dylan Bradshaw’s five times since then and with their expertise colouring, cutting and advice my hair is slowly coming back to life. I am feeling less like Gail Porter every day. My hair takes at least ten minutes less to dry too. Of course, every now and then, I think of extensions and how I loved them, but for now I will continue to be good to my hair.

Here is what is in my hair revival kit :

Nioxin Cleanser and Scalp Revitaliser in Number 4 – specially formulated for thinning coloured hair, I believe this has really helped my hair make a comeback. You can purchase this product on www.beautyfeatures.ie for €18.56 for the cleanser in a 300ml bottle and the revitaliser is €20.69. They will last you a good couple of weeks once you’re not slapping it on like there’s no tomorrow and swimming in it. The delivery is always super fast with Beauty Features too and they always have nice discounts.


Diva Rapida 3600 – A good hairdryer is always an essential, if you have an old hairdryer it could be causing my distress to your hair then you know. An older hairdryer will take longer for your hair to dry thus causing more heat damage. I love this product as it’s only €40.00 – €50.00, depending on where you purchase, has multiple heat settings and it’s available in cool colours. Always a sucker for a gimmick. You can get these in Salon Services or on Amazon.


Kerastase Resistance Ciment AntiUsure 200ML – I try to use this restorative product once a week on the ends of my hairs as a treat. A bottle of this should last you around 6 months. You only need a 5c coin amount and lather this through. You can use this after your shower on towel dried hair but I even use this on my hair for 20 mins before I wash it and find it equally brilliant. I find it smooths out any frizzy ends and protects against further breakage. It’s €22.50 on Beauty Features also.


Brushes – I work off  2 brushes now. My Denman black paddle brush, you can get these in Boots or Salon Services, that I use to take out the majority of the wet in my hair and then then Salon Services ceramic brush in medium it’s around €7.00, you can get these in Salon Services too.


Rollers – Very important. These can give you instant volume when left in for even 20 minutes. You will be doing less damage to your hair by doing this as you won’t be relying on your rolly brush and a hairdryer. I love volume, they also add texture to the hair. I use all kinds, whatever I can get my maulers on. Dot knows where it’s at…


This is how my hair looked the first time I removed the extensions and got it cut, it was brittle and uneven due to me growing out the shaved bit:


My hair as it is now, after multiple cuts and good colouring:


Yours in hair repair,

The Girl Pout Town.