Bridal Hair Heroes

Let’s be honest, after the dress, hair and makeup are the most essential parts of your big day. I’d rather have my reception in a cardboard box than forego hair and makeup! I’d also gladly sell the groom for a good hair stylist.

Picking your hair guru for the big day can be somewhat daunting,  a lot depends on budget, your style and also how comfortable you feel on the day with the chosen one. You’ve got to be able to ask them to fix something if it needs to be. You know us Irish..

”Is everything okay?”

”Oh yes, yes, it’s fiiiiine. Thank you” as a crow lands on your nest hive head!


Hair stylists usually get snapped up early, you need to be booking a good bit in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can start to Pinterest different hair that you love and then bring it with you. Do not be afraid to give them your overall idea or look and not just the hair idea. They should be able to tell you what’ll suit your face and that a Croydon facelift a la Michaela is not on trend.

Michaella McCollum Connolly in a Peruvian court

Nourishing and taking good care of your mane will also make your hair stylist’s job a million times easier on the day. Get a good colourist (tip: not sun-in!!), get it trimmed regularly, use treatments once a week. I recommend Nioxin for thin hair, it’s the dog’s b*llox for getting the hair to a healthier state

If you are thinking about getting extensions, please do some research on reputable salons, you do not want a bad job done on these. Email if you’d like a list 🙂

Here are my top bridal hairstylist picks for your dream hair:

Norma Jean – Di Milo Hair

Ah, it’s the wizard of the hair world. This Harry Potter hails from the DiMilo salon in Donnybrook. She’s a master in colour, cuts, up-styles and blowdries.

Norma Jean is very creative and she’ll get you the colour blend of your dreams. She recently won hairdresser of the year at the Image Awards – get her while you can!!! She’s sound as a pound too..

Hair by Joanne Kelly

Joanne is the bridal buddha, bringing brides years of joy and beautiful hair. If you are looking for years of experience with luscious sweeping locks. She is literally the Queen of the flowing curls. Joanne is highly sought-after, be sure to book quick!

Carla Rose

Carla Rose Hair is another extremely popular choice and is one to watch in my opinion. Carla features in a lot of editorial work and all of her brides manes seem to have a vintage look and they all manage to look effortlessly chic. Carla is also lethal at colouring, so if you need colour advice along with your do, then get on this lady ASAP.

Tori Keane

I worked with Tori at a wedding before, her pretty style and professionalism won me over. Tori is really strong at mixing it up with all kinds of hair styles and she’s also got a ridiculous amount of experience too to make sure you remain calm on the big day, so you don’t have to overdose on the ole Rescue Remedy on the big day.

Who have you booked or have you had any horror stories?

The Girl Pout Town x


Di Milo Salon – Donnybrook

Have you been to Di Milo salon yet? Well, you need to get your ass there quick sharp bitches!

Di Milo is based in Donnybrook and is the brainchild of Jean O’Sullivan. The salon won the prestigious Image award for ‘Best Hair Salon’ and it’s easy to see why. You enter an airy, spacious and trendy salon with coffee, herbal teas, juices and friendly smiles on tap.

Di Milo

I had a Nioxin treatment applied and a blowdry by Michelle. My hair was left feeling healthy and shiny after my treatment and Michelle gave me a curly blowdry to beat all blowdries. I haven’t had a bounce with a curl in my hair like that since my mother inflicted rags on my head for my communion. She was rather evil, yes!

This was my blowdry 8 hours later.. The lady’s got skills!   
Michelle is a highly trained stylist and she spoke with me about styles that could really bring my hair to it’s full potential, including a change in cut or colour. I thought this was nice as she seemed to be genuinely interested in my mane, or lack of!

Di Milo run some great special offers but what really does it for me is that they open at 7am for that quick blowdry before an important meeting, appointment or flight. Handy or what!? They also do the new Gold Fever Hair and Great Lengths, so there’s something for everyone at Di Milo.

You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook today or at www.dimilo.ie.


The Girl Pout Town.


Image O2 Facial @ Tiger Lily salon

I promised myself I would be kinder to my skin this year, half-arsed wiping a baby wipe around your mush just doesn’t cut it when you’re 28… and a beauty blogger. The lovely Tiger Lily salon in Rathcoole invited me to review their Image O2 Facial. Yep, you read that right… Oxygen. Look, I’m not going to lie, part of the appeal for me with a facial is those heated beds! I think I’ve a new fetish…

I started conjuring up all sorts of ideas of how they’d be getting this oxygen back into my skin and I was happy to go along with it either way. Niamh was my therapist for this treatment and I was greeted by her at the reception and as she nodded to the heated bed I thought ”yuuuuussss”! I was stripped and snuggled under the blanky in seconds.


The treatment

Oxygen provides a host of  benefits to the skin; it brightens, speeds up healing, boosts circulation, reduces stress, and helps eliminate toxins.The treatment is designed for all skin types so everyone can reap the benefits.The facial itself took 45 minutes:

Step 1: A Gel to Milk Cleanser was massaged into my skin.  It gently cleansed my skin, it was milky soft. The therapist took her time working the product in and then removed the cleanser using a warm sponge. I love the feeling of these soft warm sponges on my skin – such a nice feeling.

Step 2: An Enzymatic Facial Peel was applied. Niamh explained that the fruit enzymes would dissolve dead skin cells. The gel smelled lovely and was well massaged into my skin for a few minutes before it liquified. She continued massaging which is to help it penetrate the skin and gently lift dead cells, promoting collagen synthesis and deep hydration. My ears honed in on the word ”collagen” and I immediately thought ”Yes, bring some more of that shiz on please”.. By the bucket preferably!

Step 3: An Oxygenation Masque was then applied. The product goes on like a gel and then starts to foam. It is a strange feeling initally, it kind of felt like a crackle, I was just waiting for Snap and Pop to join the party. This is how it delivers the oxygen into the skin. Success! I could instantly feel this working, the more dehydrated areas dissolve the fastest and my big greedy pores had some thirst on them. While the mask was working away the therapist gave me a lovely hand massage. 15 minutes later the mask was gone. It had delivered the necessary goods to my skin. Danke.

Snap Crackle and Pop

Step 4: A Stem Cell Enhancer was them massaged on to my face, neck and chest.This is a serum loaded with high doses of stem cells and Vitamin C which penetrate deep into the skin.

Image Products

Step 5:  Prevention+Tinted moisturizer was then applied to my skin. Niamh said it’s brilliant as it’s a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. I always hate leaving with a naked face post-facial, I am ghostly pale on my face. I don’t even blush! So it was nice to have a little colour to my face as I ducked out of the salon feeling less like a gargoyle.


Niamh has years of experience delivering facials to the needy. As well as being professional, she is also very friendly and will put you at ease instantly. Especially if it’s your first facial as she explains each step in simple terms. Oh, and she’s got a serious set of hands on her too. My skin was looking great and my makeup glided on the next day. I even went out and about without makeup and could see how much fresher my skin looked, I had a glow.

This is the perfect facial for a bride on the run up to her big day as you could get it done right up to the day of the wedding, if you nothing else to be doing(!), as you won’t break out or for anyone with a big event around the corner. Get yourself to Tiger Lily, your skin will thank you.

You can check out Tiger Lily here or on Facebook.

Avalon x