Lethal Weapon: High Definition Browtec Pencil

My High Definition Browtec pencil is hands down my favourite brow pencil. It is one of the best weapons in my makeup kit and it has yet to let me down. If my house was on fire, it’s definitely one of the items I’d be trying to grab. That’s if they haven’t already been singed off mid-fire, because, then I’m fucked. I’d be a solid 2 without my brows.

The Browtec pencil is available in 3 colours, so it will suit a wide range of brows whether you are fair, dark, alabaster or full blown Twilight.  I use the Vamp pencil despite it being for darker hair, I like my brows dark, like my soul.

The pencil is slim,(cue frantic searching in makeup bag and calls of S.O.S), and has a retractable twist-up mechanism that is thinner and firmer than ever, delivering precise application every time. The firm texture makes this brow pencil easy to control and apply, ensuring lines are clean, accurate and not wonky!



It’s perfect for recreating super-fine hair strokes, so it stops you from drawing your brows on too heavy. It also has a spoolie to brush your brows in to perfect shape, this is also great for anyone with false eyelashes as you can use it to brush those through too.

With excellent colour coverage, the Browtec has a non-oily formula and contains a blend of waxes so application is easy and coverage is long lasting. I have used this on thinner brows to create a fuller look or on thick brows to just finish off the brow shape.

It’s a complete god-send! It’s available on the High Definition website and it’s £16.00, well worth the spend, as one pencil goes a long way. You can also get this pencil from your local High Definition stylist.

If you are a bride, I’d highly recommend this for your big day, it will show up fantastic on camera as it won’t cake on the brow.

Here’s a guide for your hair type: 

Bombshell: perfect for fair hair and skin
Foxy: perfect for medium hair and skin
Vamp: perfect for dark hair and skin

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Bridal Beauty: Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum

A high end skincare range that doesn’t pilfer your purse can be hard to find. Lately, I’ve turned my affections to ole Lizzy Earle after hearing some great things from family and friends. I am on a mission to have my skin perfect for the wedding and I am willing to put my face on the line for all you other brides and skincare enthusiasts alike.

Within my Liz Earle skincare set, I got the Smoothing Line serum too and I was thought “oh, hellllllllllllllllooo!” I’ve started to notice as I creep towards 30, that I’ve all kinds of lines that seem to have cropped up out of nowhere. Either that, or I am just staring in the mirror a little longer, oh the vanity! Now, ideally, I would like this lines to feck off, but it’s probably not going to happen but this little baby certainly reduces the appearance of them.



Enriched with antioxidant grapeseed extract and soothing echinacea, this serum plumps and give elasticity to the skin. It’s oil free too, so it’s great for all us shiny sebum producing creatures. Simply apply at night under your Liz Earle Moisturiser to seal in an extra hydration boost. You can also use it as lightweight alternative to moisturiser for really oily or combination skin.

The serum worked really well on my decolletage and my nasolabial lines. You know those little shit ones that go from your nose to your mouth and in certain light looks like an old Tom Selleck? Yep, those ones. After I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised, I gently pat this onto my face, paying extra attention to the eye area.

This serum will appeal to brides looking to get their skin in the best shape it possibly can be especially if you are worried about how oily your skin is.

The serum is €22.00 but you only need a small amount and it should last you. Check out http://ie.lizearle.com/smoothing-line-serum.html for some great deals or drop into Boots for a personalised consultation now.

Cheers Lizzie babes!

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Interested in beauty? Train with the elite!

I regularly get emails from people interested in getting into the beauty industry and how best to get trained or involved. So, here’s the best place that you could train for all things HD Brows, lashes and nails. I do enjoy a good brow and this place has only elite trainers teaching new budding brow enthusiasts. Having been a makeup artist for a number of years, I found myself at a bit of a cross-roads with regards to up-skilling. I knew I had a real passion for beauty, even beyond makeup artistry.

I began to research HD Brows and the best place to train for these. I came across the Beauty School in Warren’s Point. After some talks with the school, I was in no doubt that this was the place for me. The girls there are informative and open to any questions, or worries, you may have. Trust me, you will have worries and doubts, deciding who to train with is as big as doing the course itself. If you’ve been trained badly, it will show in your work. Let’s be honest, how many bad brow and lash jobs do we see on social media? Too many!!!

Case in point:



So, here’s the best place that you could train for all things HD Brows, lashes and nails. I do enjoy a good brow and this school has only the best elite trainers in Ireland teaching new budding brow enthusiasts.

For me, reputation is everything, and how you are dealt with after you have spent your money and trained. Since completing my course with the Beauty School, I still have lots of interaction with them, from ordering products, course updates, refreshers courses or just picking their brains, I always feel like someone is an email away.

Having the backing of the Beauty School behind me and their training has made me much more confident in the beauty world and has made me want to undertake further training. My HD Brow training has unlocked some much more for me and my clients. You can never be too clued in in the beauty world, it’s ever-changing. And I don’t want to be that ”out of touch” beauty person still rocking a look from 10 years ago.

dated makeup[1]

Check out http://www.beautyschool.co.uk or email:info@thebeautyschool.co.uk to take your next step in the beauty world. You are in very safe hands!

The Girl Pout Town x






MAC’s Waterweight Foundation

So, as you may have gathered by now, I am quite the slut for MAC. There’s very few products within the range that I don’t like, they are my go to brand. They’ve recently added a new foundation to their range, waheeeeyyyyy… *does a little wee in the pantalons*. It’s the Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation and it’s an excellent addition to their foundation lineup. I love the Face & Body Foundation and if you like that, than you’ll really like this foundation too. The water-like formula sets to a satin finish that is neither matte nor moisturising—striking a balance that makes this an option for nearly any skin type, including the acne-prone. Woop! There’s also an SPF 30 + in this foundation too. Not only is it making your skin look sh*t hot, it’s also protecting it.


FullSizeRender (1)


Housed in a heavy glass bottle with a dropper applicator (there’s those bleeding droppers again, they are everywhere!!), Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation is a clever addition to the recent trend of serum foundations. This provides initially sheer coverage that can be layered to medium and looks incredibly natural on skin because let’s be honest, no one wants a cake face, except for X-Tina that is..


FullSizeRender (2)

Due to its fluid nature, you may be surprised by how little you need to cover your whole face, unless you’ve a face like the moon that is!!  A few drops were more than sufficient for a full face and it easily evened out a  my complexion.

This blends effortlessly onto skin—whether you use your fingers, a sponge or brush. Those with oily or combination skin will likely love how light this feels, while those on the dry side will find this layers well over a richer moisturiser and resists clinging to dry patches. This does not control shine well, nor does it claim to, so expect to powder and/or blot as usual.

Mac currently offers this in a stunning array of 23 shades that includes the most common shades between fair to deep skin tones. As this has a lighter degree of coverage, the shades are more forgiving!

FullSizeRender (3)

You can get your Waterweight foundation in Brown Thomas today. It’s €36.50 and if Santa was real sound, he’d bring this for you 😉


The Girl Pout Town x


No7’s Airbrush Away Primer

Ah, primer! Everyone should be using primer, it’s one of my ultimate items in my makeup kit. Young and old alike, we can all benefit from using it. I am pretty sure I’d even like this primer for my funeral makeup! That’s how strong my love is for primer. I may be dead, but at least my skin looks sh&t hot! Having used it on myself, for a bridal party and a bridal trial, my conclusion is that this primer is a good ‘un! Once your base is perfected, it makes the rest of your makeup so much easier.

It’s a 30ml tube and it goes on to a peachy silk effect. Both my Mac and Vichy foundations glided nicely over it with minimum effort. That’s what you want in the morning, easy makeup routines! I used this primer on all skin types, young and old, dry and oily and it really worked well across each one. Which can be rare! This primer is also fantastic when paired with it’s No7 counterpart – Airbrush Away Foundation! You’ll be quite the matte Mary if you use these two together.


The primer is long-lasting too and really gives a nice base for you to apply your foundation on. It’ll even out the skin-tone and act as a protective barrier for you skin. This primer contains silicon and light diffusing particles that puts wrinkles, pores and uneven skin tone into soft focus, reducing the appearance of all the signs of ageing instantly!! Pores and fine lines appear to disappear and wrinkles are put in to soft focus leaving your skin perfectly smooth and even all day.

It contains that all important hyaluronic acid, which are moisture locking spheres to help soften the appearance of fine lines and smooth the skin. I will gladly be off my head on this kind of acid all the live long day!!!

The primer is available in store and online from Boots and it’s €22.00. There’s a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment too! You only need a pea sized amount and spread evenly over moisturised skin.

The Girl Pout Town x


Mac’s Warm Neutral Palette – My New Baby

Are you looking for a new eyeshadow palette that will also do some multi-tasking for you? Then you need this Mac Warm Neutral palette and you need it now. I finally purchased this myself in July after month’s of drooling over it. I was supposed to just buy it as a present for a friend but then I decided I deserved one too. It’s now my go to palette and if I ever smash this one, I will truly weep. 

It consists of 15 highly pigmented eyeshadows in a clear, neat palette. It’s a great palette for anyone going on holidays or about to go travelling for a long period of time.


The eyeshadows are made up of current eyeshadows from the MAC line and some re-promoted ones that had been discontinued. The palette is €75.00 which is an absolute steal for MAC eyeshadows, that works out at €5.00 an eyeshadow. Bargain!

I kept checking over my shoulder for the security guard thinking he might stop me leaving Brown Thomas for daylight robbery! Good thing I ran out out of there at high speed, just in case there had been a mistake.

The colours are fantastic for a day or night look. The colour form each of these eyeshadows transfer really well and it’s long lasting. They are buildable too to create the perfect smokey eye, which we are all partial too!

Brule is the perfect matte base for your lid while Amber Lights and Unwind will make your eye colour pop with a metallic rock chick effect, without making you look like Courtney Love after a weekend on the sauce. For just a gentle, romantic shimmer all you need is Warm Breeze or Vanilla Extract. The Dance in the Dark colour adds depth to the smokey eye too. 


These babies will also save you money as it can used as a highlighter too. Lemon Tart and Hey both double up as highlighters and can be used under the brow, in the inner corner of your eyes, the cheeks, the bridge of your nose and above your cupid’s bow. Highlight the sh*t out of those features to make them pop!!

They will give you a enduring shimmer highlight, you can use these two colours alone or mix them together for a more powerful shimmer effect that’s perfect for night-time.

The palette is really versatile and I use it daily. I did an entire party of 7 using the palette and not one of the had the same eye look. That’s how good it is, there’s so much colour to play around with and the options are endless. It beats the Urban Decay palettes hands down for me.

There’s also a cool palette too if the warm palette colours aren’t quite your cup of tea. They cool palette will perfectly compliment brown and green eyes.

The Girl Pout Town x


HD Brows – A cult you want to join!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few years, you’ll have noticed that brows are kinda a big thing. The best type of brow you can have is a HD Brow and I am one of their biggest fans. You’ve probably noticed in the majority of my photos, my brows are in the focal point of the picture and good thing too, cause otherwise it’d be my nose!!! HD Brows, I am forever indebted to you. Mwah!

Recently, I decided to take my passion for brows a little bit further and undertook a HD Brows training course with the Beauty School. The excitement was at fever pitch as I made my booking and counted down the weeks until I started. Then, on the run up to it came the fear. What IF after all my talking about brows this and that, I was actually shite at doing them. Scarlet for me…


As I travelled to Warrenpoint to attend the HD Brows course the excitement was back and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I was greeted by Katie and Martina, the educators. They are both highly skilled HD Brow Elites so I knew I was in good hands. After all, I’ve a rep to protect 😉

As we started to go through the theory, I relaxed as I realised it was quite a fun approach to the learning. You were asked to look at different face shapes and comment on their currents brows and what would make it better. I loved this part, I always enjoy changing someone’s brows even when doing makeup.

Next, came the threading part. We had pretty much one on one training for any of the practical elements. It’s actually harder than it looks. Those bad-ass ladies with thread in their mouth and every other orifice make it look simple. Eventually, I got my rhythm and I was taking hair like I just don’t care.

It’s not as easy as this mad ole wan makes it look…


Next up, waxing! We practiced on arms and hands first, a good safety measure, sure who will miss their hairy arms! We were told we would have models to work on too and I was secretly praying my client would have the brows of Cara Delevingne, at least if I waxed off too much we still had something to work with. There was no need to fear though, under the careful eyes and guidance of the trainers we slowly worked our way through the procedures. And voila, I had done it. I had styled the brows and they looked pretty effin’ good. If I do say so myself…


The next models we worked on, the educators took a bit of a step back and allowed us to take the consultation and make the recommendation on the brow ourselves with regards to colour and shape. I was really happy with how both of my models had turned out. I had a knack for the tailoring too, possibly from years of borderline living in The Lash Lounge!

Day two, this was a good day, as when I entered the school, our kits were awaiting. I dived right in, zero decorum. The kit was packed full of HD Brow items, all you need to kickstart your career. The kit would easily see you through weeks of brows. I couldn’t wait to use my Foxy and Vamp palettes as they double up as eyeshadow palettes too.

The day consisted of more practice models and further theory work such as contraindications and all kinds of different brow problems. Myself and the other trainers got to do each other’s brows too, which is serious trust on my part considering I barely knew them. Good thing I’d been nice to them all or they easily could have lopped off one of my brows. I’d die, on the spot.

The trainers also let us practice on them, it was all about getting as much time working on different kinds of brows and different approaches to tailoring to tastes. You don’t have to be a beauty therapist to do this course either, as there’s a different mechanism with HD Brows to other types of waxing. I even ended up doing Stephanie in the Beauty School’s offices, I was in the zone.

The range of products that come with the HD Brows brand really make it a differentiator too. There’s so many different products to ”finish” or ”fill” the brow with that you can uniquely tailor every different brow you meet. There’s also a gorgeous makeup range to complement the Brow range.

The HD Brow training and the support system are fantastic, you can attend refresher courses or send in photos of brows you’ve worked on to get feedback. You are also promoted through their salon finder on the official website. It’s not like other courses where finish the course and that’s it, the door is closed. It’s a network of brow enthusiasts and in order to protect the brand, they want you to be the best artist you can be.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in brows, a makeup artist, a beauty therapist or just anyone looking to make a career change. You will love it, I am already eyeing up the HD Make Up course next.

Oh, and if you want your brows did, call me 😉

For further information, contact Laura McPolin in the Beauty School on +44 (0) 2841 753900 or email: info@thebeautyschool.co.uk. There’s also a school in Cork now too.


The Girl Pout Town X