No7’s Airbrush Away Primer

Ah, primer! Everyone should be using primer, it’s one of my ultimate items in my makeup kit. Young and old alike, we can all benefit from using it. I am pretty sure I’d even like this primer for my funeral makeup! That’s how strong my love is for primer. I may be dead, but at least my skin looks sh&t hot! Having used it on myself, for a bridal party and a bridal trial, my conclusion is that this primer is a good ‘un! Once your base is perfected, it makes the rest of your makeup so much easier.

It’s a 30ml tube and it goes on to a peachy silk effect. Both my Mac and Vichy foundations glided nicely over it with minimum effort. That’s what you want in the morning, easy makeup routines! I used this primer on all skin types, young and old, dry and oily and it really worked well across each one. Which can be rare! This primer is also fantastic when paired with it’s No7 counterpart – Airbrush Away Foundation! You’ll be quite the matte Mary if you use these two together.


The primer is long-lasting too and really gives a nice base for you to apply your foundation on. It’ll even out the skin-tone and act as a protective barrier for you skin. This primer contains silicon and light diffusing particles that puts wrinkles, pores and uneven skin tone into soft focus, reducing the appearance of all the signs of ageing instantly!! Pores and fine lines appear to disappear and wrinkles are put in to soft focus leaving your skin perfectly smooth and even all day.

It contains that all important hyaluronic acid, which are moisture locking spheres to help soften the appearance of fine lines and smooth the skin. I will gladly be off my head on this kind of acid all the live long day!!!

The primer is available in store and online from Boots and it’s €22.00. There’s a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment too! You only need a pea sized amount and spread evenly over moisturised skin.

The Girl Pout Town x


Mac’s Warm Neutral Palette – My New Baby

Are you looking for a new eyeshadow palette that will also do some multi-tasking for you? Then you need this Mac Warm Neutral palette and you need it now. I finally purchased this myself in July after month’s of drooling over it. I was supposed to just buy it as a present for a friend but then I decided I deserved one too. It’s now my go to palette and if I ever smash this one, I will truly weep. 

It consists of 15 highly pigmented eyeshadows in a clear, neat palette. It’s a great palette for anyone going on holidays or about to go travelling for a long period of time.


The eyeshadows are made up of current eyeshadows from the MAC line and some re-promoted ones that had been discontinued. The palette is €75.00 which is an absolute steal for MAC eyeshadows, that works out at €5.00 an eyeshadow. Bargain!

I kept checking over my shoulder for the security guard thinking he might stop me leaving Brown Thomas for daylight robbery! Good thing I ran out out of there at high speed, just in case there had been a mistake.

The colours are fantastic for a day or night look. The colour form each of these eyeshadows transfer really well and it’s long lasting. They are buildable too to create the perfect smokey eye, which we are all partial too!

Brule is the perfect matte base for your lid while Amber Lights and Unwind will make your eye colour pop with a metallic rock chick effect, without making you look like Courtney Love after a weekend on the sauce. For just a gentle, romantic shimmer all you need is Warm Breeze or Vanilla Extract. The Dance in the Dark colour adds depth to the smokey eye too. 


These babies will also save you money as it can used as a highlighter too. Lemon Tart and Hey both double up as highlighters and can be used under the brow, in the inner corner of your eyes, the cheeks, the bridge of your nose and above your cupid’s bow. Highlight the sh*t out of those features to make them pop!!

They will give you a enduring shimmer highlight, you can use these two colours alone or mix them together for a more powerful shimmer effect that’s perfect for night-time.

The palette is really versatile and I use it daily. I did an entire party of 7 using the palette and not one of the had the same eye look. That’s how good it is, there’s so much colour to play around with and the options are endless. It beats the Urban Decay palettes hands down for me.

There’s also a cool palette too if the warm palette colours aren’t quite your cup of tea. They cool palette will perfectly compliment brown and green eyes.

The Girl Pout Town x


Day 11 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

Bonjourno! We are staying with the eyes again today, it’s the brushes and eyeshadows. If you have the right brushes, it can transform your makeup. You also need to stay within the limits of your eye shape and width, then blend, blend, blend!

Take your time and test out some new colours, in  the safety of your own home of course. Get used to the new look on yourself, the more you look at yourself the more you’ll know if you like it and are comfortable with it. Remember to occasionally take a step back, see how it looks overall and then get back to adding or blending. You do not want to look like Taylor Momsen after being let loose with a Kohl pencil on speed. Unless, you’re dressed as a racoon for Halloween.


1. Mac Cosmetics 217 Blending Brush

If you only ever buy one eye brush, let it be this! This is a hero product, it blends and sweeps beautifully across the eye giving an almost silky effect to your eyeshadow against the skin. These brushes are longlasting, they don’t shed and they can be washed. This product can also be used for concealer to buff it into the skin or for when you are contouring along your nose. It works exceptionally well in the crease of your eye or underneath the eye when you want to blend close to the lash line. The domed brushed helps you to get that perfect ”V” effect for a smokey eye.

217 Blending Brush

Price: €25.00

 2. MAC Cosmetics 239 Shader Brush 

Another power brush from MAC, the 239 is fantastic for sweeping on your base colour or packing colour onto the lid for a more intense look. This tapered brush can also be used on the brow bone or underneath the eye making it a great multi-tasking product. It is white also like the 217 brush making it easier to see how much product you are picking up each time. This makes your task easier and saves product waste. A lovely soft brush that responds well to being cleaned. AMEN!


Price: €28.00

3. Nars #45 Smudge Brush 

If you can stretch your budget to include this bad boy then do it! This is perfect brush for smudging, working colours along the lashline, removing excess and can also soften your liner. A soft brush that will work well with even the most sensitive eyes. This was one of my my first ”pro” purchases and I still love it.


Price: €27.00

Tip: A handy eye chart for the beginner

Eye Color Eyeshadow Recomendations

Mac Eyeshadows 

Pro palettes: Mac eyeshadows are brilliant because they are highly pigmented and long lasting. I would be here all day if I was to name all of my favourites but you can build your own pro palette in a quad or in the 15 pan you should.  They blend really evenly. You can depot any of your singular MAC shadows you have already and put them into your palette then. It’s €6.50 for the quad palette and €19.00 per refill.


Pigments: High intensity coloured loose powder that comes in a cylinder pot. They are easy to blend and are long lasting. They will not cake or flake on you throughout the night. There’s a great range of colours too that can give your makeup the wow factor. You can pop them directly onto you lid or into the corners of your eyes to make your eye makeup pop. The pigments are €24.50 but there’s a lot of powder in them to last you.


Pro Longwear Paintpots: A great product to mix it up in the eye department. It goes on creamy but dries to a vibrant matte like finish. Paintpots glide on easily, they are durable and they are crease free. The perfect shadow for day or night! Paintpots are €20.00.


Sleek Eye Palette

I Divine Eye Palette in ”Oh So Special” : A brilliant eye palette with a great range of colours.They are well pigmented and glide on beautifully. ”The Mail” in this palette is a real power shadow. The palette also has some gorgeous shimmer shadows that are perfect for the under eye area especially Gift Basket, I am strung out on this. The product comes in a nice case with a mirror and the names of each shadow on a little sheet. This product is €9.99 making it a steal. You can purchase this here or at Carshelles Beauty, where Caroline and Michelle can assist you in picking the perfect stocking filler.


Catrice Eyeshadow

Liquid Colour: There’s really good pigment in these eyeshadow, they give an excellent shimmer to the eye and I love how it packs onto my lid or in the corner of my eye. ”We are the Champagnes” in this product is one I adore. It is €6.50 and available in Dunnes and McCabes.


There will tutorials on the eyes coming soon, so keep them peeled!

Following the advice above and from yesterday, you should never look too bocky-eyed 😉

The Girl Pout Town,



Day 10 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

Day 10 is here and it’s the day of the eyeliner, eye pencils and mascara. I love these products as my eyes would be nondescript without them because I have small eyes. If you have big eyes, I hate you. Once you don’t use a chunky Crayola with your foot, you’re going to be just fine with a slick of liner. Here’s how to get it wrong a la Claudia:


In terms of eye liner, you can have a pencil, liquid, gel or even just plain old eyeshadow. I have a few favourites in each as always. Some people are afraid of eye liner especially in the liquid form, but there is no need. It’s your friend, not your foe. It can make your eyes pop and stand out in the crowd.

Now, I haven’t always been amazing with eyeliner, or my eyes in general, I may have even been a little frigid in terms of my eyes. One day, myself and my friend Grace thought it would be a great idea to use a Charlie shimmer gel on our eyes that we got free with our Charlie body spray. What resulted was a serious bout of pink eye and our lashes being stuck to our eyes for the entirety of the disco! Rides.


1. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner 

An age old classic! I love this liquid eye liner as I think the intensity of the black is excellent and it dries to a lovely matte finish. I particularly like this product, as I tend to have a leaky eye (I am really selling myself here!) and this product doesn’t irritate it. The applicator allows you to draw a sleek line. Just keep your hand steady and do it in sections if you’re a little afraid. This liner is long-lasting and it doesn’t flake or smudge.

Rimmel Exag

Price: €7.29

2. Mac Cosmetics Fluidline in Blacktrack

Fluidline is a gel liner and it gives a smoother, softer finish than a liquid eyeliner would give you. I really like this one was it glides on easily but still gives you the wow factor. It is longlasting and won’t smudge on you throughout the day. This can also work on your water line or slighty smudged under the eye. You will need an applicator brush for this and dependent on how confident you are, I can recommend two.


Fluidline is €19.00 and it’ll last you a long time, just remember to put the lid straight back on to avoid it drying out.

Application Brushes:

For the beginner: MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush – flat with angled tip for precision. €21.50

208 angled

For the advanced: MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush – tapered with fine tip for precision. €21.50


3. Mac Cosmetics Eye Kohl 

One of my favourites for the waterline or for when I don’t want too strong a liner. This is also brilliant for people who are adverse to liquid or gel liner. My two go to colours are Teddy, which works beautifully with green or blue eyes, and Smolder, which is a lovely black kohl. Smolder looks incredible on the water line with a smokey eye. The pencil gives a matte pearl finish too that brightens your eyes. The only drawback is I need to keep applying to my waterline every few hours BUT for the look it gives, it’s worth it!


The Kohl pencils are €18.00 each.

Tip: Tight-line your upper eyelid to make your lashes look thicker without gouging out your eyeball 


You may think my next tip is a little Cyndi Lauper of me but it really works. It’s a white eye Kohl pencil! Don’t worry, I won’t roll out the blue mascara next.

Rimmel’s Soft Khol Kajal Pencil – White

Put this on your waterline to pop your eye and also to make the whites of your eyes perk up. For small eyes this is a good tip top open the up and make it appear bigger than it is. This white liner trick works very well with a red or strong lipstick too.

Rimmel Soft

At €4.67 you can’t go wrong.

For my mascara, I am going to go with Benefit They’re Real from my first blog post. Check it out here.

Finally, to show you the effect that a slick of Rimmel liner and the Rimmel white kohl can make with a splash of Mac lipstick, I have attached the below pic. Makeup has been on all day and just added these bits to refresh me for the evening.


Ciao bitches,



Day 9 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

Foundation day, let’s face it, we would all be fairly f&cked without this! We have come a long way since the early days of Panstik, the ole wans were mad for that for a while, it only seemed to come in flourescent orange too. Then came the Elizabeth Arden flock, where everyone smelled of ”Toasty Beige”! That smell still hangs in my nostrils.


Foundation comes in different forms and textures and it’s all about finding ”the one” for you that makes your skin look amazing. If you like a slightly darker foundation than your actual skin tone then please at least wear tan to match. Or if you like your tan dark, make sure your foundation matches! I would recommend a day foundation and night foundation to tackle this problem. A white face and orange body….


I am going to add my criss cross motion video too from the other day to help you in foundation application as again it’s half of the battle. It’s so simple to blend and it avoids any noticeable tidemarks along the jaw or hairline. I even blend into my ears and up unto my nostrils! Extreme, yet effective.

No one should look like this;

Foundation line

1. Mac Cosmetics Studio Sculpt 

I love Studio Sculpt foundation, it’s very creamy and feels lovely on your skin as it’s lightweight. This provides medium to full coverage and it is easy to blend. There is a SPF 15 in this foundation too to protect your skin, it’s long lasting and gives a satin finish. This product works well with all loose powders and compact powders. It is particularly good on normal-dry and mature skin. I have not found a face yet that hasn’t looked well with Studio Sculpt. I wear NC35 for my nighttime look.


Tip: You only need a small amount each time as it blends and spreads really well. 

Price: €36.50 – using the tip above it should last you.

2. Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid

Studio Fix foundation will give you that matte finish you crave all the while making you looking smooth. This is a medium to full coverage foundation and it works extra hard to cover those imperfections and pores meaning it doesn’t feel quite as lightweight as the Studio Sculpt. I love this foundation for a day out or for nighttime as I know it’s resilient and it makes my skin look great too. This works really well with Studio Tech compact powder if you love the full coverage look. Again, use the criss cross motion so you’re not applying too much, you don’t want it to dry and pocket in a problem area as the fluid is quite thick. It also has a SPF of 15.


You can purchase this product here. It’s €31.50.

3. Mac Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation

Face and Body is a much lighter fluid for those of you who don’t like much coverage or the feeling of makeup. It is of light to medium coverage and you can build it up too to enhance the coverage. I really like this foundation as it does what it says, it can go on the face and body meaning it can give you an all over colour that matches. When I have a real tan, I love to use this as it enhances the tan on my face and gives me that perfect beachy look. It’s also beautiful on brides who want the light touch look as it photographs really well. It’s rather sheer but gives a lovely glow and makes you look dewy. If you are used to full coverage you’d probably feel rather exposed wearing this.

Face and Body

Price: €31.50

4. Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Foundation

It’s long-lasting and it keeps you looking oil free throughout your day. I have been using this product mainly during the day time lately, but it’s a great nighttime one too. I find when I’ve a busy day ahead I know I won’t have to worry about it retreating into my pores and disintegrating away. It has a medium coverage that is buildable. The pump allows you to just extract the right amount too. I wear NC25 or NC30 in this foundation depending on how pasty I am. This foundation dries quite fast so remember this when applying. If you like Estee Lauder Double Wear you should like this too.


Price: €36.50

Every woman should have a primer, here are some select ranges to help you on your way:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – €32.00

Mac Prep and Prime Skin Visage – €27.00

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix and Protect Primer – €8.99

Gosh Velvet Touch Primer – €19.99

Make Up Forever All Mat – €41.00

Have a Dewy Christmas and a Matte New Year x


Day 5 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

Happy Saturday! Today, it’s the compact powder. As you may know, I am a fan of powder and I am rather partial to a good compact powder. I love how they set your foundation and can change your skin to looking matte and oil free in seconds.

Again, I have a number of powders in my kit. I am a bit of powder hooker… And proud. Sometimes my choice of powder depends on my mood and what foundation I use.

1. Mac Studio Tech in NC35 

I like this powder with most foundations but I really love it with my Studio Sculpt foundation and also my Studio fix one. It gives you great coverage and projects a smooth canvas. It helps to hold your makeup in place, proving to be very durable throughout the day and into the night. I’d be known for throwing out a routine or two and this withstands the test of a packed dancefloor!

Studio Tech

By now you know where to get MAC (I hope!) and you can get this product for €36.50.

2. Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium

A great daytime powder which also works very well into the nighttime. It gives a light coverage making it the ideal product if you like a lighter finish. While it gives light coverage it also battles oil well. Hoorah! Your skin can breathe, you can look natural but you have the assurance you won’t be glowing with excess oil come the end of the day.


The Skinfinish Natural is €30.00.

3. Mac Studio Careblend – Medium

This product nearly feels like cream going on. It feels soft and it’s like it’s doing good for your skin on impact. It nourishes and gives off a healthy natural complexion. I have started wearing this to work lately, I tend to touch my face a lot and it manages to fend off my murky mitts whilst battling oil.

Studio Careblend

You can get this powder at €26.00.

TIP –  I put my compact powder on with my brush like on of these. Most compacts come with a sponge, I find that a brush gives you a nicer complexion. 


You cannot go wrong with any of these powders! Whichever one you choose, you shall enjoy. As always, MAC have an extensive range to suit all skin types and tones.

Kind Regards,

The Powder Hooker.