Interested in beauty? Train with the elite!

I regularly get emails from people interested in getting into the beauty industry and how best to get trained or involved. So, here’s the best place that you could train for all things HD Brows, lashes and nails. I do enjoy a good brow and this place has only elite trainers teaching new budding brow enthusiasts. Having been a makeup artist for a number of years, I found myself at a bit of a cross-roads with regards to up-skilling. I knew I had a real passion for beauty, even beyond makeup artistry.

I began to research HD Brows and the best place to train for these. I came across the Beauty School in Warren’s Point. After some talks with the school, I was in no doubt that this was the place for me. The girls there are informative and open to any questions, or worries, you may have. Trust me, you will have worries and doubts, deciding who to train with is as big as doing the course itself. If you’ve been trained badly, it will show in your work. Let’s be honest, how many bad brow and lash jobs do we see on social media? Too many!!!

Case in point:



So, here’s the best place that you could train for all things HD Brows, lashes and nails. I do enjoy a good brow and this school has only the best elite trainers in Ireland teaching new budding brow enthusiasts.

For me, reputation is everything, and how you are dealt with after you have spent your money and trained. Since completing my course with the Beauty School, I still have lots of interaction with them, from ordering products, course updates, refreshers courses or just picking their brains, I always feel like someone is an email away.

Having the backing of the Beauty School behind me and their training has made me much more confident in the beauty world and has made me want to undertake further training. My HD Brow training has unlocked some much more for me and my clients. You can never be too clued in in the beauty world, it’s ever-changing. And I don’t want to be that ”out of touch” beauty person still rocking a look from 10 years ago.

dated makeup[1]

Check out http://www.beautyschool.co.uk or email:info@thebeautyschool.co.uk to take your next step in the beauty world. You are in very safe hands!

The Girl Pout Town x






Tropical Popical… And why you need to visit!

Tropical Popical is one seriously cool nail bar. It’s like a nightclub and holiday for your hands all rolled into one.


Upon entering into Tropical Popical, you are greeted by their funky decor and unbelievable selections of nail colours on their wall. I was greeted by the lovely Michelle who offered me some Lilt, yes Lilt, served in a Coconut and also some Bounty to go with it. Now, I despise Bounty bars, so I declined, but I loved the idea of it all the same. It’s like I was transported to Miami clashed with Caribbean coolness.


My nail technician was Niamh and as I showed her some pictures of what I had in mind for my talons, we decided on some tribal markings and pastel. Niamh is an exceptionally talented nail technician with a vision for precision. She is very friendly and personable and I quickly felt at ease.

I usually only go for some colour and maybe something different on my ring fingers to mix it up. But I said I’d go all out on my nail art seen as Tropical Popical are reknowned for this. The salon prides itself on it’s relaxed feeling and you really get into the atmosphere with the music playing. I wanted to go out after. It was a Tuesday. At 2.30pm.


The nail bar also caters for large groups and hen parties and it would make for an excellent hens. You can also bring some Proscecco in to have in your Coconut instead of Lilt. They are based in South William Street and you can check them out here. This is the perfect place for anyone working/living in town, a hen or bridal party or just for the lovers of some seriously edgy nails.

In a world of beauty it’s important to stand out and Tropical Popical manages to do just that. And if you’re a little bit Amish about your nails, you can get plain ones too 😉

Be prepared, you will fall in love! And your nails will be shit hot…

The Girl Pout Town x


Dylan Bradshaw Salon – The Nails and Makeup Experience

salon images 303

Ah, my love affair with Dylan continues..  Marry me?! I visited the Dylan Bradshaw the other week to experience their nail bar and makeup. As someone who is regularly beautifying others, it’s a real treat to go and get pampered myself. I got to test out some of Dylan Bradshaw’s own brand makeup too.. I was happy as a pig in sh*t!

salon images 298

The salon itself is plush and always looks immaculate and the staff are really friendly too, which is always a bonus I feel. Again, this is not the free Prosecco or the Lindt chocolate tallking! Michelle and Leanne were tasked with helping me to enjoy my pampering. Michelle did my makeup and she was brilliant, talking me through the DB products, I loved the makeup look she created.

FullSizeRender (1)

I went for a red polish as I hadn’t had a red in awhile and it goes with lots, Leanne was lovely and she gave an immaculate polish. It was the Shellac polish that Leanne applied and it’s still perfect on my nails at the moment. I am a bit of a slapper for the Shellac, it literally comes off and it is straight back on again every 2-3 weeks.


Some of my favourite products from my makeover were: 

1. db FACE Skin Transforming Foundation in Cream Beige or Almond 

Michelle used a mix of these two colours on me in order to match me down perfectly to my tan. This is a lovely light foundation but still gives your coverage. My skin felt like it could breathe and I really like the finish it gave me, it felt smooth and luxurious. It was long-lasting too. It glided on and the pump will make sure you don’t overuse the product. You can get this foundation in the Dylan Bradshaw Salon and one of the girls will happily match you up. It’s €32 and I think I will be adding it to my kit very soon.

db FACE skin transforming foundation(1)

2. db FACE Tawney Peach Blusher

A lovely blusher to give you that gentle glow without making you look overdone. I really like this colour and found it worked really well against my skin, highlighting and reflecting to compliment my skin tone. It’s very similiar to MAC’s Warm Soul. This blusher is €22.

db FACE Tawny Peach

3. db FACE Goddess Lipstick

A fab nude lipstick that worked really well against my skin tone, it was long-lasting and matte. It did not dry out easily either, which is always good. No one likes a scaldy lip! This product is €22 also.

db FACE Goddess Lipstick

I don’t have a picture of my other favourite product but it was the db FACE Eyelights Sunbronze and it was gorgeous on the lid of my eye, really popping the blue out. It would also be gorgeous on you green-eyed babies. It’s €15.00 and it’s going into my kit.. and my personal pile too.. which is ever growing!

Finally, their brushes are of excellent quality. They have a Fibre Foundation brush for €26, or the smaller one for €19, the brush is very similar to the MAC Fibre Brush.. except a lot less 🙂

The Nails and Makeup Experience would be fantastic as a treat for someone special, a hen party warm-up or when you fancy being a Primadonna and treating yourself. I will definitely be returning for my hair, makeup and nails. You can check out Dylan Bradshaw here, they are based at 56 South William Street or you can phone them on: 01-6719358.

The Girl Pout Town



Because sometimes we just need a good hand… cream ;)

I know hand creams may not be on top of your beauty list especially when we are all sticking to budgets. Having always been into my nails, borderline anal, I have only really got into hand creams myself in the last year or so. Now, I love them. It’s nearly a treat putting some on before I go out the door.

Our hands, decolletage and knees are giveaway signs of aging, along with the incontinence of course! Think of Madonna with her youthful face, but terrible hands. There is no point spending big €’s on our face for our body to tell a different story. Hand creams will leave your skin feeling better, looking good and also protecting against the harsh winter elements. Oh, and they smell really good too. Most hand creams work really well alongside your perfume, further enhancing your preferred scent.


I would really recommend hand creams to the brides of 2015, your hands will play a large part in a number of your photos, you should have them looking their best, your nails and ring will look even better too.

Hand cream will also help with your tan on your hands too, your tan will be less likely to cake in areas. There’s nothing as bad as an overly tanned oompa loompa hand!


I have tested a few hand creams over the last while and these ones are the ones I like the most.

Clarins – Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 

This cream contains Japanese mulberry, sesame and myrrh, working together to strengthen your nails and leaving your hands feeling super soft. It also targets age spots whilst preventing the appearance of new spots, I love the smell of this, as soon as I put it on I instantly feel good. It also provides protection for your hands against the weather and general household wear and tear. Some people put their hand cream on throughout the day but I just put this on as part of my morning routine to make the tube last. It leaves my hands feeling and smelling so good that I am constantly cupping and smelling them all the live long day. This is a fantastic gift for young and old alike or for when you just want to treat yourself.

You can get Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment for €21.00 in Boots, Debenhams and other Clarins stockists. I usually order mine with my Nioxin shampoo and conditioner on beautyfeatures.ie as it’s only €19.83 on here saving yourself a small amount.


Bobbi Brown – Extra Handcream

I came across this lovely product back in November and it’s so good. This product smelt so good that I circled the Bobbi Brown counter three times to go back in for re-sniffs and after the assistant asking me was I okay for the second time, I think she might have meant mentally. The Extra handcream smells like a spa for hands, instantly nourishing the hand to eradicate any dryness.

The cream contains shea butter and sage to increase moisture, the glucosamine gently exfoliates while it helps to lessen the appearance of discolorations. Apricot and avocado also come into play to leave your hands smoother for longer. It asborbs really quickly so you won’t be held up waiting for it to dry in. My hands smelled and felt amazing all day. I really like the simple, clean cut, almost retro feel to the tube. Good work Bobbi.


A lovely gift for someone special, it is available in Brown Thomas for €28.00.

Cien Hand Cream

Lidl’s Cien hand cream features here not just for price but for quality of product too. This cream will cost you less than €2.00, you can slap it on during the day and/or night and even offer it around to people. It’s lightweight and smells nice too giving you soft hands at a snippet of the price. This products work very well massaged directly onto your cuticles too. Try this after you’ve just had your shellac removed and your nails need some loving.


You can get this in all Lidl’s throughout the country.

Take it handy,

The Girl Pout Town x