Lethal Weapon: High Definition Browtec Pencil

My High Definition Browtec pencil is hands down my favourite brow pencil. It is one of the best weapons in my makeup kit and it has yet to let me down. If my house was on fire, it’s definitely one of the items I’d be trying to grab. That’s if they haven’t already been singed off mid-fire, because, then I’m fucked. I’d be a solid 2 without my brows.

The Browtec pencil is available in 3 colours, so it will suit a wide range of brows whether you are fair, dark, alabaster or full blown Twilight.  I use the Vamp pencil despite it being for darker hair, I like my brows dark, like my soul.

The pencil is slim,(cue frantic searching in makeup bag and calls of S.O.S), and has a retractable twist-up mechanism that is thinner and firmer than ever, delivering precise application every time. The firm texture makes this brow pencil easy to control and apply, ensuring lines are clean, accurate and not wonky!



It’s perfect for recreating super-fine hair strokes, so it stops you from drawing your brows on too heavy. It also has a spoolie to brush your brows in to perfect shape, this is also great for anyone with false eyelashes as you can use it to brush those through too.

With excellent colour coverage, the Browtec has a non-oily formula and contains a blend of waxes so application is easy and coverage is long lasting. I have used this on thinner brows to create a fuller look or on thick brows to just finish off the brow shape.

It’s a complete god-send! It’s available on the High Definition website and it’s £16.00, well worth the spend, as one pencil goes a long way. You can also get this pencil from your local High Definition stylist.

If you are a bride, I’d highly recommend this for your big day, it will show up fantastic on camera as it won’t cake on the brow.

Here’s a guide for your hair type: 

Bombshell: perfect for fair hair and skin
Foxy: perfect for medium hair and skin
Vamp: perfect for dark hair and skin

The Girl Pout Town X
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HD Brows Review – Avalon and the search for good brows..

Ah, the humble eyebrow, you don’t know how important you are. Ever come home for a night out and had to take your brows off with a baby wipe? Or sweated it off mid-dance in the nightclub, leaving you looking intrigued? Shaved off your brows?

I’ve long been a brow fan, but I haven’t always had great luck with my brows. HD Brows are the answer to all of your brow prayers,  whether it’s a monobrow, a wonky brow or a barely there brow, you too can have amazing brows. It’s all about the finding the balance between the Frida and the trannie look.



Having overplucked my own brows on a quite a few occasions, including overplucking my right brow too far in and then making them too small. It totally distorted my face. At this time, ”filling in your brows” wasn’t really a thing, so I was pretty f*cked. After much perseverance and my eyebrows starting to resemble caterpillars, think Noel Gallagher, they slowly came back. I went from one extreme to the other, hardly ever touching them! Such a babe.

I began to get them tinted and waxed again and then I came across HD Brows and The Lash Lounge. What a find!

For those of you that don’t know – HD Brows is a 7 step system in shaping and designing your brow. This includes waxing, tinting, plucking, threading, trimming… Yep, all this for your brows! The brow shape is tailored to suit the shape of your face too and the correct colour tint.

Some people will get the ”HD Brow” look right away, others may need more time. The girls at the Lash Lounge will show you where you can pluck, where you need to grow and where to fill in order to help you achieve the brows you could only dream of.

There are a range of products you can buy too, including the ”Grow Baby Grow” serum that will stimulate the hair from the follicle. There are also brow palettes and pencils.. I find a quick sweep of the brow pencil and filling in the ends with some palette really makes my brows stand out. I have very small eyes and I find this technique pops my eye and gives me more to work with when doing eye makeup.

For any brides to be, bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom or just anyone with a shitty brow, I strongly advise you to get your brows into brow rehab ASAP and have them looking their best for your big day or general life 😉

You can reach The Lash Lounge here on Facebook or on 085 779 2728. You can also check out the HD Brows website to find the nearest salon to you.

As a tip – take a piece of string or your eyeshadow brush when going to fill your brows.

1. Hold the brush/string against your nose and the corner of your nostril is where your brow should start.
2. Move the brush through your Iris in a clock like movement, whilst still against your nose and this is where your arch should be, where the brush cuts the Iris.
3. Rotate again with the end of your eye and your brow should start to ease off here.

Brow technique

As always, you can fill your eyebrows with just a normal bit of eyeshadow or Catrice do a brow filling duo compact too. It’s €4.49 and comes with two colours, a tweezers, and a little brush. The compact also has a mirror. You can buy this in Sam McCauleys.

I regularly go to get my brows as I don’t trust anyone else with them, my brows have come such a long way and they have altered from face, at least 35% less of a gargoyle.

My own brow evolution:


Stay symmetrical bitches 😉


Day 10 – Makeup Bag Essentials Countdown

Day 10 is here and it’s the day of the eyeliner, eye pencils and mascara. I love these products as my eyes would be nondescript without them because I have small eyes. If you have big eyes, I hate you. Once you don’t use a chunky Crayola with your foot, you’re going to be just fine with a slick of liner. Here’s how to get it wrong a la Claudia:


In terms of eye liner, you can have a pencil, liquid, gel or even just plain old eyeshadow. I have a few favourites in each as always. Some people are afraid of eye liner especially in the liquid form, but there is no need. It’s your friend, not your foe. It can make your eyes pop and stand out in the crowd.

Now, I haven’t always been amazing with eyeliner, or my eyes in general, I may have even been a little frigid in terms of my eyes. One day, myself and my friend Grace thought it would be a great idea to use a Charlie shimmer gel on our eyes that we got free with our Charlie body spray. What resulted was a serious bout of pink eye and our lashes being stuck to our eyes for the entirety of the disco! Rides.


1. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner 

An age old classic! I love this liquid eye liner as I think the intensity of the black is excellent and it dries to a lovely matte finish. I particularly like this product, as I tend to have a leaky eye (I am really selling myself here!) and this product doesn’t irritate it. The applicator allows you to draw a sleek line. Just keep your hand steady and do it in sections if you’re a little afraid. This liner is long-lasting and it doesn’t flake or smudge.

Rimmel Exag

Price: €7.29

2. Mac Cosmetics Fluidline in Blacktrack

Fluidline is a gel liner and it gives a smoother, softer finish than a liquid eyeliner would give you. I really like this one was it glides on easily but still gives you the wow factor. It is longlasting and won’t smudge on you throughout the day. This can also work on your water line or slighty smudged under the eye. You will need an applicator brush for this and dependent on how confident you are, I can recommend two.


Fluidline is €19.00 and it’ll last you a long time, just remember to put the lid straight back on to avoid it drying out.

Application Brushes:

For the beginner: MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush – flat with angled tip for precision. €21.50

208 angled

For the advanced: MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush – tapered with fine tip for precision. €21.50


3. Mac Cosmetics Eye Kohl 

One of my favourites for the waterline or for when I don’t want too strong a liner. This is also brilliant for people who are adverse to liquid or gel liner. My two go to colours are Teddy, which works beautifully with green or blue eyes, and Smolder, which is a lovely black kohl. Smolder looks incredible on the water line with a smokey eye. The pencil gives a matte pearl finish too that brightens your eyes. The only drawback is I need to keep applying to my waterline every few hours BUT for the look it gives, it’s worth it!


The Kohl pencils are €18.00 each.

Tip: Tight-line your upper eyelid to make your lashes look thicker without gouging out your eyeball 


You may think my next tip is a little Cyndi Lauper of me but it really works. It’s a white eye Kohl pencil! Don’t worry, I won’t roll out the blue mascara next.

Rimmel’s Soft Khol Kajal Pencil – White

Put this on your waterline to pop your eye and also to make the whites of your eyes perk up. For small eyes this is a good tip top open the up and make it appear bigger than it is. This white liner trick works very well with a red or strong lipstick too.

Rimmel Soft

At €4.67 you can’t go wrong.

For my mascara, I am going to go with Benefit They’re Real from my first blog post. Check it out here.

Finally, to show you the effect that a slick of Rimmel liner and the Rimmel white kohl can make with a splash of Mac lipstick, I have attached the below pic. Makeup has been on all day and just added these bits to refresh me for the evening.


Ciao bitches,